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RADIO THAILAND: Transmissions from the Tropical Kingdom

First off, ANY album with artwork like this…must have. Almost like some sort of comic vision of Weird Science, Bill & Ted, and Street Fighter rolled into one. The album on the other hand is a collection of Thai Radio transmissions recorded over a 15 year period from 1989-2004. And it gives us a glimpse into Radioland of this particular “Tropical Kingdom”. It contains 23 audio collage tracks extracted from dozens of cassette and minidisc recordings, which I must say…titillate.

Here’s an excerpt from the album notes:
The Music presented here is relentlessly mystifying and seductive: Molam, Luk Thung, Kantrum, folk and pop, classic Thai guitar Rock, antique ballads, novelty tunes, traditional ceremonial music and other miscellaneous styles rarely heard outside the Kingdom. Also featured are various commercials, DJ’s, radio ID’s, news reports, mysterious folk radio, language lessons, sacred chants, bumper cues and plenty of audio anomalies only the sheer genius of Thai Radio can supply. Tune in…..


Disc 1
1. Lam Barometer
2. 21st Century Perspiration
3. 543 Years Ahead of You
4. Northeastern Provincial Frequencies
5. Tourism Past the Medium Wave
6. Isan Immortal
7. Torrential Nostalgia
8. Pad Pen Pinh
9. Rao Rao
10. Mak Mak Darkie
11. Dongrek Apparitions
Disc 2
1. Giant Catfish Fry
2. Krung Thep Marketing
3. Space Station Hilltops
4. Blow-Dried Pop Collage
5. Folk DJ’s Armed with Technology
6. End of the News
7. Rubber of High Quality
8. Oddities in Humidity
9. Welcome to the World of Music
10. Tropic Audio Ephemera
11. Outer-Periphery Splash
12. Amplitude Massage and Beyond

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Molam: Thai Country Groove from Isan, Vol. 2

While looking for Singapore A go go I came across Molam. This time Mark Gergis chose country folk from a rural north eastern Thai provenance called Isan. This is hybrid music that blends the traditional folk instrumentation with electric guitar and Organs from the west that created something entirely new for the time. This is definitely an album to smoke and unwind to, let it take over. I am really excited to hear what Sublime Frequencies are going to release next.


1. Beua Ai Laeo Bo [Are You Tired of Me Already?] – Thongmark Leacha
2. Hak Beb Nang Thai [I Love Thai Films] – Palatnoi Songsim
3. Lam Thuy Sao Jao Na [Rice Farm Girl] – Soonton Chairoogruen
4. Instrumental Lam Sing – Peter Kalasin
5. Look Sua Saoban [Community People, Let’s Work Together] – Theppon Pedubon, Sodsri Promsakson
6. Nam Jai Fan [The Generosity of Our Fans] – Ka Kaw
7. Song Pee Nong Longkrong [Two Brothers Leave Town for Bangkok] – Doi Intanon And Group Suthep
8. Sorn Look Sao [Teaching the Daughter] – Thongmark Leacha
9. Soeng E-Mae Oi [Ladies, Let’s Dance!] – Pairin Pongpiboon
10. Lam Plern Chawiwan – Chawiwan Damnoen
11. Tai Salub Prama [Finishing My Business in Burma] – Aungkana Kunchai
12. Sao Ta Kom [Lady with the Big Eyes] – Chai Mungpon
13. Lam Tung Wai Sohngpon Tahan [Farewell Wish for a Soldier] – Monruedee Phromchak
14. Poo Ying Lai Jai [Now She Loves Every Man Except Me] – Thongmark Leacha
15. Plob Jai Nale-Nar [Finding Your Heart in the Future] – Chabapai Narmwei
16. Ha Fan [She’s Looking for a Boyfriend] – Junpen
17. Mob Natee Hai Luk Keuy [Give Responsibility to the Son-In-Law] – Soonton Chairoogruen,
18. Chun Cher [Convincing You to Believe] – P. Promdan
19. Raiteem Tarn [No One Can DeFeat] – Thong Thaithin Isan
20. Ja Leun Jai [Singing to Entertain the Ladies] – Pairin Pongpiboon


Here’s a cool flick I found about…

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