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gridlock’d – a mix by eloi

Almost been a year since our last blog transmission, and we’ve missed u. So let’s try and pick up where we left off by jumping right back into the swing of things. “gridlock’d” is my latest mix which aims to rouse the senses through infectious choice cuts. Lately my days have been full of repetitive daily commutes which act as both a test of my patience as well as a refuge for me to indulge my music listening addiction. So i put together this mix to nibble on during those times when a musical escape is needed. “gridlock’d” melts together numerous electronic genres like electro, deep house, Detroit techno, and microhouse to create a 30-minute ramble through electronic boogie.

You can also download the mix HERE.

Tracklist…can be found HERE.

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thizz.face.disco presents:

Come out to West Oakland and party with us. We’re bringing folks from Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and even some Oakland cats to round out the night. BONUS! After Party vibes considering all the fun that’s happening in Oakland on the 9th.

10pm till late
let’s get it hype!!


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Who is Jesse Rice?

I don’t know but his tracks are sick. All we know is that it’s an SF based producer that brings the jams. ENJOY.

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technocolor – a mix by eloi

Since the Fool’s Paradise Radio Show has been put on hiatus, we’ve decided to start doing more mixes/podcasts for all to share amongst the blogosphere. And so i’ve been compiling and now here’s my latest mix, “technocolor”, which features some shiny otherworldy jams. Might be just what you need for those 4am trips to COOL WORLD, when you figure out how to astral project to FANTASTIC PLANET, or if you ever find yourself a guest of the Master Control Program. So please, dive into this pool of future jams and classic oddities…and don’t forget to tell your friends.

Download HERE!!!


Cyber People – Void Vision (Slow Version)
Discodeine – Singular
Mim Suleiman – Nyuli
Todd Terje – Eurodans
Hercules & the Love Affair – My House
Mirror People – Echo Life
Mock & Toof – Farewell to Wendo (Kink & Neville Watson Mix)
Tensnake – Coma Cat (Round Table Knights Remix)
Brant ft. Mr. Roper – Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (Ada Mix)
Mano Le Tough – Oblique (Chateau Flight Remix)
Visti & Meyland – Yes Maam [All Night Long] (Trentemøller Remix)
Nguzunguzu – El Bebe Ambiente
Spiral Beach – Teddy Black (Mix Chopin Remix)
Model 500 – Ocean to Ocean (Instrumental)
CFCF – Come Closer (Azari & III Remix)

and once again, muchas gracias to M. Stall for the cover art!!!

and just for kicks….

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TBD…remix, edit, remix

The hype of TBD started way back on Election Night 2008 when Justin Vandervolgen (Out Hud, !!!, and Golf Channel Recordings) and Lee Douglas (The Stallions) announced the formation of TBD live on Beats In Space radio. They were super drunk and totally hyped about their new project TBD while providing a killer DJ set on that podcast. And ever since they have been letting loose by releasing numerous Remixes & Edits on various labels such as Permanent Vacation, Internasjonal, and their own TBD Sounds label. And this past September saw the release their own 12inch “OH MY” on DFA records and it showcases the trademark TBD explosiveness that lurks in all of their other remixes & edits. Peep some their handiwork below:

Traks Boys – Yellow (TBD remix)

Populete – Mommy (TBD remix)

Cos / Mes – Gozmez Land (TBD remix)

Buy TBD records HERE.
Or go to TBD’s facebook page.

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Into the Woods

A while back I posted some music by Josh Woods, a musical project called Ears in the Wall.(it’s some good stuff and I highly recommend you check it out.) He has a new musical project with Austin Wood and it’s out there somewhere between lofi, house, noise, idm, techno, and experimental music.

Their first release is pretty much crazy as fuuuuck. It’s like a nightmare sequence during a kids movie, dark yet euphoric. The dance/electronic grooves keep the tracks moving while the noisy more experimental aspects of the songs put it in it’s own category of dopeness.

Their second track entitled Haunted Forest Dance is more of a straight ahead techno jam. It has elements of noise/ambient music and a little bit of minimal techno glimmers but it’s a four on the floor dance party starter. That’s all you need to know!

The dudes might make an appearance on Fool’s Paradise Radio soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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Inch-time // Aurora 12″

Inch-time is Australian electronic musician Stefan Panczak, who lives in London, UK. He’s been putting out fantastic minimal techno records for over 5 years now. And this little gem came out in November of last year. It’s perfect for those 3am moonlit underwear dance parties. Or for those drives through Metropolis. There is something about minimal techno and the use of the most crisp clean sounds that make it sound like the music from the future. This short 12″ is flawless and will put you in a state of suspended animation.


1. Aurora
2. Crystal Visions
3. A Handful Of Dust
4. Suspended
5. Aurora In Dub

Listen to track Aurora below…

This guy also makes wonderful mixes…listen to his Jazz mix below.

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Rod Modell – Incense & Black Light

So this morning I came across a new Loscil track on the great blog NO CONCLUSION. I’m was pretty excited to hear new material since last year’s EP was pretty damn noteworthy. Anyway, while listening to the new track from the ambient/joyful noise band while walking in the rain…I couldn’t help but think of the wonderful sounds of Detroit’s Rod Modell/DeepChord. DeepChord (label run by Rod M.) is responsible for lots of the great minimal techno/deep house coming out Detroit for the past few years. This is Rod Modell’s 2007 album that boasts a mix of low filter beats, “crisp” static, synthetic analog baths, and lush lightbeam melodies….basically makes you feel like you can fly. I think if Tim Hecker was from Detroit and made techno/deep house it would sound like this.

Here’s some more words by XLR8R:
In the same rarefied vein of Porter Ricks’ Arctic sounds, inhuman techno throbs on Rod Modell’s Incense & Black Light. With Incense, the man behind Deepchord (and half of Echospace) plunges even deeper into the techno-dub void. This album is so icy and tar-on-coal dark, your brain will get frostbite listening to it (check the gyroscopically demonic “Temple”). “Aloeswood” sets the tone with muffled 4/4 kicks scudding like walruses over tundra while glaciers crackle in a polar cave. “Body Sonic” allows slivers of sunlight into the tenebrous mix; it’s one of the few cuts among the 10 here that’s more about moving asses than paralyzing limbs.


01 Aloeswood
02 Hotel Chez Moi
03 Body Sonic
04 Cloud Over
05 Temple
06 Ultraviolet World
07 Subway
08 Red Light
09 Into Day
10 Morning Again

Here’s a fan-made video for Hotel Chez Moi

And what the hell, peep some DeepChord…amazing.

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