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Swiss Wave The Album

While looking for the Grauzone track “Eisbar” i happened to stumble across this compilation. I love those moments where you know you’ve struck gold. This is the only comp I’ve ever heard of collecting “Swiss Wave” and this thing is no joke. Grauzone kicks things off with a dark wave disco stride but there is pleasant shifts in tempo as you venture along. A great snapshot of the late 70’s/early 80’s post punk and minimal wave movements in Europe. There’s some irresistible classics on here….”Hitch Hike”…hott damn!


1. Grauzone – Eisbär
2. Grauzone – Raum
3. The Sick – World War III
4. Jack & The Rippers – I Think It’s Over
5. Liliput – Hitch Hike
6. Liliput – DC-10
7. R. Dietrich & Kraft Durch Freude – Lies
8. R. Dietrich – Do What You Want
9. Jack & The Rippers – Down
10. Ladyshave – Tonight
11. Mother’s Ruin – Heartbreak
12. Mother’s Ruin – With Us

Ha…I don’t think think this is an “official” video, but what the hell

And “Hitch Hike” of course…

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