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Space ghost // Wallflower EP

Some how the FADER and a couple other blogs know more about the Oakland music scene than I do. I fell off. A young production wizard, skater and aspiring short film director, Sudi creates perfect Oakland music tranquil and enthusiastic, with a touch of chaotic glitch. This kid is someone to watch, I’m stoked to hear what he has in store for us in the near future.

Here is what the FADER had to say:
We can only assume that Space Ghost made these songs in his Oakland bedroom. We can also assume that about a million other kids had the exact same idea and as we write this are throwing their records up for free download and hoping for the best. The trouble with this is that it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle, or to just put an unfinished product out there wayyyyy before it’s ready. Space Ghost’s Wallflower EP is promising because of what it represents: a crossroads between LA’s weeded-out sub-bass scene and Boards of Canada’s carefully composed sterile warmth, colliding in the brain of a dude in Oakland. He also probably listens to a lot of dubstep, but so does the rest of the internet. Download the EP below for the cost of a Mediafire popup maybe appearing on your screen.

Dont Trip- Space Ghostbyontaskfamily

Dont Trip
Fleet Beat
Organ Interlude
Apollo Astronauts
Dying Planet
Rich Flavor
Tororo Interlude


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