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SpaceGhost // FSCK

And the tracks keep coming from Oakland resident Sudi Wachspress aka Spaceghost, his most recent 5 song ep seems fitting with the weather and vibe I’ve been getting with Oakland recently. Cold dark places with glimmers of optimism and hope. We are all waiting for the summer, blud. Keep the jams coming! Tired is the stand out track for me on this ep, it shows another musical side of Sudi that’s a bit more progressive than his other beats.

1. Drone
2. Dome Home
4. Feed Me
5. Tired

here’s a video with an apperance by SpaceGhost and I dj’n a party in Alameda we didn’t play the song that the video was edited to. haha….

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SpaceGhost // P Y R A M I D D R E A M S

Our homie SpaceGhost put out his new album up for download a few Thursday’s ago and topped off the fun by playing a Dj set on Fool’s Paradise. It’s great watching this guy rock his set. The young’n put out a solid collection of songs to astral travel with. After a few bowl loads you will experience the hypnotic tendencies with SpaceGhost’s music and lose yourself  in some Pyramid dreams.

Should of posted this up a while ago but late is better then never.

Bump this shit.

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Spaceghost // Ghostly EP

Oakland local Spaceghost recently put out a three song ep entitled Ghostly. The feeling you get when you hear these songs is somewhere between divine and supernatural, pretty much ghostly.

The rmx of Abel’s track Swimming through the Vibe combines the ambient soundscapes and field recordings that Abel is great at with the synth melodies and the interplanetary beats that Sudi is known for.

When you mash up Atlas Sound and Caribou there is really no way you can go wrong.

But by far, my favorite out of the three track is the Beach House cover, I spent countless hours listening to this song or hearing it coming from the room down the hallway, I’ve come to recognize it enjoy all the subtleties of the track. Now that It is recreated with different sounds and ambiance added, it gives it a new life.

Link: Ghostly EP

Follow him on Twitter.

Listen to the Beach House cover on HypeMachine.

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Space ghost // Wallflower EP

Some how the FADER and a couple other blogs know more about the Oakland music scene than I do. I fell off. A young production wizard, skater and aspiring short film director, Sudi creates perfect Oakland music tranquil and enthusiastic, with a touch of chaotic glitch. This kid is someone to watch, I’m stoked to hear what he has in store for us in the near future.

Here is what the FADER had to say:
We can only assume that Space Ghost made these songs in his Oakland bedroom. We can also assume that about a million other kids had the exact same idea and as we write this are throwing their records up for free download and hoping for the best. The trouble with this is that it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle, or to just put an unfinished product out there wayyyyy before it’s ready. Space Ghost’s Wallflower EP is promising because of what it represents: a crossroads between LA’s weeded-out sub-bass scene and Boards of Canada’s carefully composed sterile warmth, colliding in the brain of a dude in Oakland. He also probably listens to a lot of dubstep, but so does the rest of the internet. Download the EP below for the cost of a Mediafire popup maybe appearing on your screen.

Dont Trip- Space Ghostbyontaskfamily

Dont Trip
Fleet Beat
Organ Interlude
Apollo Astronauts
Dying Planet
Rich Flavor
Tororo Interlude


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