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Forest Dream EP

Another project from the versatile Josh Wood, the Forest Dream EP features a more dark side of Josh’s production. A too much LSD walking in the TL on a rainy night type of feel. Off beat rhythms with chaotic noises sporadically tickling your auditory senses. Bump it with head phones after toking a blee you’ll be satisfied.

Check it out…

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Ears in the Wall

The brain child of Josh Woods, a San Fransisco native who released a few songs under the moniker Ears in the Wall. I say… that if I had to typecast his music and put it in a genre I’d go with the Chillwave (or is it Glo-Fi) category. Mostly nice songs with pretty sounding arpeggios and super thick bass tones. I have a feeling it’s going to be many people’s summer of 2010 soundtrack or at least a soundtrack to an afternoon hash session.

Good times..

He’s another kid to look out for.

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Bye Bye Blackbird // Happy High EP

As the trend continues I’m posting the newest obscurities from around Northern California, I present to you Bye Bye Blackbird a glazed pop band from San Fransisco. A one man band, Mikey S keeps it frosty with this mellow 4 track Ep. It’s somewhere in between whimsical and divine, reminds me of Washed Out combined with Toro Y Moi with a dash of Marijuana. According to Mikey’s myspace page the music sounds like what would happen if you bottled up the sun, I agree. Sunshine Forever!

This review was on his page..
“Typical “chillwave” bands always have some sort of offensive element (the sometimes grating vocals from Passion Pit, or the usually grating quality of Neon Indian) but I love every part of this EP.” – AHWF Music Blog

1. Happy High
2. Ups and Downs
3. So Sorry Girl
4. Heartbeat

Here’s the great Miles Davis’ rendition of Bye Bye Blackbird…

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