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Fool’s Paradise Radio w/ guest Black Diamonds Shining

It’s been a while since we’ve uploaded a Fool’s Paradise podcast…we stopped recording after the computer was replaced because every time we recorded it mad this weird clipping noise, almost as if there is a gate on it.

But this week we had a special guest from BDS Ras Terms, Dead Eyes, and Safety First on the show so we decided to record it. They came thru and chatted it up with us, we touched on opening our minds, legalizing weed, art’s role in the community, and up coming events.

Of course we had the usual variety of dope tunes, Eloi even brought some of his vinyl selection to spice things up…


Sorry for the LoFi gritty-ness of this recording and the clipping noise… it’s PIRATE RADIO! Shortwave transmissions..

you can stream it by clicking…


leave a comment if you want the download link.

Here are some pieces by the artist……..!

Here is a video of Ras Terms…

Safety First

purchase something..

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