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GET SMARTER: 60’s Instrumental Grooves from around the Globe!!!

Fun little mix of campy 60’s psychy instrumentals perfect for the midnight hour. Straight up mod organ bangers. This is definitely one for you crate-diggers and lovers of 60’s psych soundtracks from cult classics. It is diverse in the sense that the songs come from many different countries, but all the songs do have a similar TV-show-theme feel to them. Fast, upbeat; these fuzzed out nuggets aim to aim to get those smokey dancefloors shakin. Be sure to check out the tracks “Sleppin” and of course “Here Comes the Boat” which is like some sort of drunken 60’s fantasia.

Here’ some words from the album notes:
There really isn’t a better way to describe this super cool mix! Here’s 18 superb specimens from the ever-so-slightly weird & wild side of the 60’s: freaky go-go phased Hammond wig-outs, groovy party rave-ups, trippy psych weirdness and laid back lounge influenced funky pop jazz….


1. Isbergues 2 Am – Tony & The Mulestation
2. Freakout! – Les Merseys
3. Le Winston – The Nilsmen
4. Baseline – Beatstalkers
5. I Was a Persian Fly – Jerry Allen
6. Slightly – Slam Creepers
7. Sleppin’ – David
8. What D’i Say – The V-Rangers
9. Here Comes the Boot – The Johnny Harris Orchestra
10. Underworld – The Reg Guest Syndicate
11. Black Olives – The Bad Boys
12. Nightrider – Schroeder, John Orchestra
13. Archipelago – The Underground Set
14. Come On Back – The Wild Ones
15. Sweet Bacon -Julian Covey & the Machine
16. Pepsi – The Mohawks
17. Watermelon Man – The Artie Scott Orchestra
18. Pinball – The Van Doren Hawsworth

Get down like they do in The Wild World of Batwoman

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V/A “Mitten Ins Ohr”

Another dose of German psych-rock obscurities. Recently the combination of ‘being high’ and ‘Amoeba Music’ has made coming home without a psychedelic compilation damn near impossible. They design these crazy awesome covers knowing full well that anyone who browses through the “Psych-Rock” section is most likely stoned. It’s so easy to be fooled by good artwork, but this time I lucked out again. This is a wonderful appetizer of the German Krautrock-scene. Time to explore.


1. Witthüser & Westrupp – Orienta
2. Jerry Berkers – Es wird morgen vorbei sein
3. Hölderlin – Requiem für einen Wicht
4. Limbus 4 – Dhyana
5. Gila – Aggression
6. Wallenstein – Relics of Past
7. Floh de Cologne – Hey Hallo Stift
8. Guru Guru – Electric Junk
9. Limbus 4 – Heiku
10. Popol Vuh – Aquirre I
11. Mythos – Oriental Journey
12. Bröselmaschine – Lassie
13. Emtidi – Träume
14. Witthüser & Westrupp – Die Schlüsselblume
15. Floh de Cologne – Wir werden immer mehr
16. Annexus Quam – Osmose
17. Anima – How to Dream
18. Guru Guru – Der LSD-Marsch

And for a taste…

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The Psychedelic Salvage Company Volumes 1 & 2

This is a strange one. And if you are in dire need of an epic psych-garage fix, this will be right your alley. I bought this one on a whim (mainly due to the artwork) and I must say…fuzzy satisfaction like swimming in a pool of feedback and wah wah’s. There is definitely a time and a place for these compilations, but when that time comes be ready to dive into the obscure void that is Psychedelic Salvage Company. Psychedelics recommended…obviously.

Here’s what Dusty Groove had to say:
Fringe psychedelia from the deepest darkest caverns — a 2CD set of salvaged strangeness and trippy sounds from the Psychedelic Salvage Company! This is some of weirder sounds in the psyche spectrum, with an underlying groove that keeps it all better described as psychedelic than experimentalist — but a wild mix of feedbacky waves of guitar, vocals that range from folkish to flat out gonzo, and songs that roll from acid rock to tripped out jazz rock and beyond. Compiled from rare acetates, private pressings, and other hard-to-find sources.


Disc One
1. Elastic Landlady – Toby Jug
2. Genesis – The Roland Kovac Set/Roland Kovac
3. Just Another Journey – Peggy’s Leg
4. Closing in on Me – Out of Darkness
5. Horse – Sam Gopal
6. Prayer to St. Peter – Nick Carter
7. Tomorrow – Team Dokus
8. Mascot – Castle Farm
9. Heavy Switch – Purple Scurf
10. No One to Blame – Ptolomy Psycon

Disc Two
1. Guru – The Roland Kovac Set
2. Agape – Narnia
3. Sabre Dance – Peggy’s Leg
4. 60 Million Megaton Sunset – Team Dokus
5. Toke Joke – Oswald Slagge
6. Back Door Man – Sam Gopal
7. Azreal – Ptolomy Psycon
8. Birth of a Saint – The Roland Kovac Set

And while we’re on the subject of weirdness…

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Psych Funk 101

Really now, when you combine a dash of psychedelic rock and a touch of funk, there’s really know way that the outcome will be bad.

Stones Throw Had a little to say on that topic…

These forces combined by bands happy to incorporate folk music and improvisational elements from other musical forms, lead to an amazing body of work still being unearthed by researchers the world over – and still capable of inspiring new investigations into shapes of rhythm.

With that said, this compilation is pretty amazing! The people who compiled it found the psych funk gemz from around the world and presented them in a great package. In the liner notes there was a comprehensive run down of all the tracks and pictures of the album covers that songs came from. It also touches on a few countries that I have never heard music from, it went to Nigeria, Iran, Turkey, Russia, and South Korea. I was excited to hear what traditional instruments were going to be incorporated and stoked with the outcome.

This track is one of my favorites. Kim Sun is known as the Korean Godfather of Rock n Roll and is often compared to Elvis. At his peak he was as popular as Elvis in South Korea. He made tracks that fell along the lines of Jimi Hendrix when it came to killer psychedelic guitar riffs, Dick Dale with surf style songs, and Brian Wilson with superb song writing ability. Amazing!

This is my pick for best album cover from the liner notes. haha. YEE!


download it!

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