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Girls At Our Best! – Pleasure

This was the only album released by the short lived post-punk outfit Girls At Our Best! They were from Leeds, formed in 1979 and burned out by 1982. Just as twee as the Smiths and as catchy as LiLiPUT, Girls At Our Best churn out the hits and never leave space for dull moments. Judy Evans choir-style vocals are always spot on and on tracks like “She Flipped” gives the band a more “fantasy” punk sound. The major jam on the record though is definitely “Politics”. One for the history books.


1. Getting Nowhere Fast
2. Warm Girls
3. Politics
4. It’s Fashion
5. Go For Gold
6. Pleasure
7. Too Big For Your Boots
8. I’m Beautiful Now
9. Waterbed Babies
10. Fun-City Teenagers
11. £600,000
12. Heaven
13. China Blue
14. Fast Boyfriends
15. She Flipped
16. Goodbye To That Jazz
17. This Train

Have a listen to “Fast Boyfriends” below…

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Disco Not Disco Vol. 1

All the way live from New York City. Here’s an excellent collection of those rare “leftfield disco classics” from that wonderful explosion of musical madness that took place there in the late 70’s/early 80’s that brought back the dancefloor. Pretty influential stuff, after hearing this you’ll realize how many people have “borrowed” ideas from this era…DFA in particular. Spectacular oddities lined up perfectly for your underground disco niteclub fantasy. Amazing stuff…

Link: Disco Not Disco Vol. 1

1. Walking On Thin Ice – Yoko Ono
2. Cavern – Liquid Liquid
3. Tell You Today – Loose Joints
4. Spatisticus Autisticus – Ian Dury
5. Over And Over – Material
6. Wheel Me Out – Was (Not Was)
7. Kiss Me Again – Dinosaur
8. I Walk – Don Cherry
9. Voices Inside My Head – Common Sense
10. School Bell/Tree House – Indian Ocean
11. Macho City – Steve Miller Band

Yoko Ono’s best song…awkward video though, soft-core w/ Lennon & Ono.

Quick side note, here’s a video for the damn good Michoacan single. He’s a producer from Palo Alto, CA and one of the newest additions to the DFA family.

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VA-The Sexual Life of the Savages

Josh remembers our friend Edward having this album and wanting a copy of it. He never got his hands on it. I came a cross it today and decided to pick it up, so I’ll post it up on here. This album was released on Soul Jazz Records, they are absolutely one of my favorite labels, the people over there put out some amazing albums. If you were a fan of those New York Noise comps I’m sure you will like this. It chronicles the “lost” gemz of the underground post-punk movement in Sao Paulo, Brazil from 1980-88. The song Eu Dirijo o Carro Bomba stands out for its ridiculous bass line and disco synth tones.

Pitchfork rated the album a 7.8 and said:

Sexual Life doubles up tracks on key artists– Chance, Akira S, Smack, others– and feels mixed for continuity: It kicks off with its most accessible pop and then swings, as befits a Soul Jazz product, into a midsection that piles on the funk. This is where the expected Brazilian touches come through, and where the genre splits off into something all its own. The complex polyrhythms and spazzed-out dance moves build their way to incredible levels of energy. One track’s overhyped bounce and showy guitar solos sound almost like L.A. funk-metal, another offers post-disco party chants, others hustle and grind like Public Image Limited. With Patife and Gueto and Nau, percussion goes nuts, song structures hit metal-like levels of instrumental interplay, and the vocals shout to follow.


Inimigo-As Mercenárias
Panico-As Mercenárias
Sobre as Pernas-Akira S Et As Garotas Que Erraram
Eu Dirijo o Carro Bomba-Akira S Et As Garotas Que Erraram
Rock Europeu-Fellini
Jack Kerouac-Gang 90
Samba de Morro-Chance
Poema em Linha Reta-Patife
Teu Bem-Patife
Madame Oraculo-Nau
Striptease de Madame- X-Chance
Fora daqui Smack
Mediocridade afinal-Smack
Zum Zum Zazoeira-Fellini
Ilha Urbana Muzak-
Tao Perto Cabine C-
You Have Gone Wrong-Harry


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