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Will you come and have a drink with me?
one perhaps two, that is all

Let’s scan the room to find a seat
carefully set against the wall

Vulgar lighting hugs your face
endlessly rotating in the same position

In this crowded room west of the lake
only muted stares escape suspicion

We still have time to catch the show
hurry up, my friend you’ll see

An empty road we found to drove
that slithered alongside docile trees

Departing from Los Angeles,
jolt pass a sign read – outta luck

No city built with fantasy
or dreams in mind as much



Exploring silent galaxies
torpedo jet-stream memory;
channeling a dream of things
that leave a sour taste
if only briefly

Sudden as a cause of death
spinning circles like a fiend on meth.
tungsten vision paranoid.
venice beach.
legs draped over mounds
stacked. plastic cups on top
golden optical fibers.

When light goes out to warm the other side of earth
merchandise holds still. blue facade cracking.
the owner never feels alone inside
between symmetric waves and cliffs,
the rumble of engines creates a white noise
that hovers above the pacific.


The 6


Outside of a brownstone
wherehouse, carved
rock solid foundation – cinderblocks as chairs
insects clicking
looking around.
like a dog lasered in on the arrival of their owner
slack-jawed oozing exuberance
listening to high pitched taunts
that stagger on loose ends,
colliding with market street.

Stood there
and watched the stock footage automate.
and the people continued to circulate
around the heaving metal drones.
clawing pockets for coins and pushing arms
”step up sir”
curbs littered with yesterdays news/tomorrows predictions on paper.
instead we walk on it.
measuring a cool self – presence




When I was younger.

days were winding streets.
long gone and come again,
over green and white.

As I got older
I don’t remember what things are



Cigarette lips touch wine glass
separately, one sip to the next
till she’s outside on the gramophone
sing songing lovebird blue jay.
Monophonic paradise of ancient Cleopatra
nightgown matrimony and me
and ?
myriads curse that could have been
that should have been
On hipster trips blow-pops sucking
tangerine sweet ice creams and sugar plum
chocolate flavored peach soda
I have a visceral montage in my head.
imagine sun-drenched comedy.
vaguely aware that I am alive amidst the sad hues of
Simplicity, contingent.
Zarathustra thus spoke ill.
A coal miner with no eyes
gravel hoarse throat
and stained skin.


Fair Creations

These fair creations
that i’ve seen
desert flame
a dream was she

just for me

In those expansive
swollen nights

like melted rubies glowed her eyes

the cars kept dodging all around us

reflecting fields of neon lights


O’ Earth

Whatever turns thee,
O Earth, vulcan asteroid,
positive midnight city crowd,
virgin spy,
lumbering chateau filled with junk head salesmen,
searching for their customers,
nocturnal they are,
nest of bats,
a fairy-dome icicle
shiver you must.




Television spent all day
shouting at the screen from bean bag chairs
joystick controller
ageless banter unbound
stereo swamp heat
and waning days

Dionysian grand feat century
under out-laying stars California
rivers of sprawling teenager
highways of overdrive
both sides invariably drug trafficked into brilliant projects hand made while giggling inside poorly lit
side streets that dismantle



Evening in strange-hold
magic, lasting
elegy and slate.
Fixed upon no lesson when,
as a whip cracks air depends.
Onto others culled from need,
cause is worthy climb begins.
Waiting bundle finds in trees.
Roots dramatic never ends,
more likely alien new buttered,
Candy store fishermen ghosts,
Suburb sunset moonrise.

Moonrise with waters roll in eyes,
vain, glorious grave of night contained,
the plains have hidden winds to dry,
and Jupiter twangs a key.

The lighting up ahead in blades,
holds memory filled lens,
through to see
happy lamps shine bright,
trail soothing homes blue glossy
Skew lofty gentle limb



Vietnam sweater torn
Records fantasy

Crocodile leather

Gold link t-shirt
Synthetic mode

Flea market smell
Mexico, America

Checked off murmur
Dating advice

Found sound admiral
Ocean violate
Computer bug activity

Down-grade ceremony
Trade. Shop. Harrison St.
Fortune cookies.