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Ceephax Acid Crew // United Acid Emirates

The sun is out…. It’s time to break out the electronic music. I bought this one mostly for the album cover but it turns out the dude is a mad man with his electronic manipulations and syncopated rhythms. Mostly music for astral traveling in dream land, space exploration, and midnight safaris. Don’t forget the Acid… Emotinium II is the stand out for my tastes.


Boomkat states…
Everyone’s favorite comedy-jumper-wearing, analog-abusing acid maestro returns with his long prophesied album for Planet Mu. In the incestuous circle of UK electronica it’s fairly surprising that Ceephax has never released a full album on Mu, but he’s evidently saved some of his best cuts for the label, steering away from pure 303 manipulations to proudly show off his mastery of multiple disciplines ranging from 80’s electro through to eccentric Italo and surging IDM emocore. The 303 is still a force to be reckoned with, making a joyous appearance on the manic ‘Sidney’s Sizzler’, but it’s cuts like the AFXian rush of ‘Castilan’, the woozy Eurojack of ‘Commuter’ or the guillotine snares of the Italo-inspired ‘Topaz’ that make this one of Ceephax’s most coherant and enjoyable efforts to date.


Cedric’s Sonnet
New River Company
Life Funk
Sidney’s Sizzler
Emotinium II
The Celebrity
Arcadian (Castilian II)
Royal Lounge


Here’s a video of him doing it live!!

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