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Another great release from 2009 which fulfilled all those Nu-Disco fantasies. This is a CD compilation of some of the vinyl releases put out by the UK electronic label Tirk. There are some amazing artists on this one which get those shoulders shakin. Both of the disc’s smoothly mix edits, new tracks, and remixes into a “disco mirage”. Here’s what the Tirk website had to say about the release:
Whether it’s Terje chopping up Chaz Jankel into piano scream up heaven, or new Russian lads Acos Coolkas creating ice cool electronic house, Prins Thomas adding Scando swing to Sorcerer’s West Coast lounge tackle, Richard Sen going disco-psyche on Brad Vachal, Kelpe taking Architeq’s glistening glitchtonica for a warm and fuzzy slo mo bath, Hercules getting tracky on another Chas J track, or Forty Thieves adding West Coast bump to Morten Sorensens timeless ‘Start Something’.we’ve again been lucky to work with some of the worlds better artists over the last couple of years, and couldn’t be more happy to round em’ up and show them off as a 2 x cd set on Tirk 02.

Links: Disc One and Disc Two

Disc One
1. Acos Coolkas – Free Flight (Instrumental)
2. Arcade Lover – Fantasy Lines
3. Morten Sorensen – Start Something (Original)
4. Hedford Vachal – Toys (Richard Sen Mix)
5. Architeq – Birds of Prey (Kelpe Remix)
6. Chaz Jankel – Get Yourself Together (Hercules & Love Affair Hercbump Mix)
7. Monomusique – Fog’s Lights (Hedford Vachal Redux)
8. Sorcerer – Surfing At Midnight (Prins Thomas Miks)
9. Sugardaddy – Stripped To The Bone

Disc Two
1. Morten Sorensen – Start Something (40 Thieves Remix)
2. Red Rackem Presents Hot Coins – Valiant Truth
3. D-Pulse – Highway To Saturn
4. Pete Herbert – Red Room
5. Drrtyhaze – Lazer Sex
6. Chaz Jankel – Call Me (Toby Tobias Remix)
7. Toby Tobias – Chick Chick
8. Chaz Jankel – Glad To Know You (Todd Terje Edit)
9. Ecce – Control (Justus Köhncke Remix)
10 Sunharbour – Up
11. Chaz Jankel – Get Myself Together (dflex remix)

Listen to the Martin Sorensen track below which is a re-edit of “I Feel Your Love Comin’ On” by Chic.

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Prins Thomas Live At Robert Johnson

So I heard Prins Thomas has a new album coming out on March 15 on Full Pupp, so I dug up this CD and put it back into my rotation (i didn’t choose the great Cosmo Galactic Prism since I’ve listened to that one a billiontrillion times) and I was reminded of why Prins Thomas is referred to as the Norwegian “cosmic hero.” He puts out awesome music/mixes/remixes, runs the Full Pupp label, and is a killer DJ. Dudes got impeccable taste and his mixes are proof of that. This is live DJset that he did in Germany in 2009…Here’s some words by Resident Advisor:
On this live mix Prins Thomas re-earns his reputation as one of trippy disco’s mighty overlords. Recorded live at the intimate Robert Johnson club in Frankfurt, it’s much less overtly weird and wonky than Thomas’ two-disc Cosmo Galactic Prism, but still retains the stylish inventiveness that has made the man into a de facto statesman for disco’s recent rehabilitation. The Robert Johnson club becomes a travel simulator, the mix becomes a black-box tape of the flight of the disco navigator.

Link: Prins Thomas Live At Robert Johnson
01. A very small Intro
02. Arpadys – Funky Bass (Idjut Boys Version)
03. Cage & Aviary – Giorgio Carpenter
04. Capracara – King of Witches (Rub N Tug Remix)
05. Trans Am – First Words
06. Map of Africa – Wyatt Urp
07. Bjørn Torske – Kokt Kveite
08. Käre & The Cavemen – Gallery Oslo
09. Babytalk – Chance (Babytalk Remix)
10. Frankie Valentine – Zumbi (Isoul8 Remix)
11. Low Motion Disco – Love Love Love (Still Going Remix)
12. James Yuill – This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas Re-Edit)
13. Dogs Of War – Le Stress
14. Cos/Mes – Build The Band
15. Ricardo Villalobos – Waiworinao
16. Anarchic System – Generation (Long Version)
17. Argy & The Mole – Cantstandlovegetaway
18. Martin Circus – Disco Circus
19. Opolopo – I Do (Domu Discotech Mix Ð Intrumental)
20. Acid Test – Test 1
21. Mathew Jonson – Followed By Angels
22. Samos – Alpha Storm (Original)
23. Sébastien Tellier – Sexual Sportswear
24. Closer Musik – Maria
25. Lindstrøm – Contemporary Fix (Bjørn Torske Remix)
26. Steel an’ Skin – Afro Punk Reggae (Dub)
27. A very small Outro

Enjoy, and here’s a video of the Closer Musik track with visuals from “2001: A Space Odyssey”…

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Super Value – Super Manifesto Mix

New Years…..Disco…..I think so. Get them bum’s shakin at your 2010 Party with this Disco/Nu-Disco mixCD. Italian label, Super Value, put out this mix and shit’s pretty much on fire. Not much is known about Super Value label. Supposedly the name is based on the idea that “value embodies consciousness before price.” According to their myspace, Super Value is a project of two unknown DJ’s who do what they do to celebrate those men and women who were “prophets of timeless sound.” And for the past two years they have been releasing a series of limited 12″s that contain re-edits of classic disco-era gems. Then, Super Value re-edited, re-mixed, re-imagined, and produced one rad 79 minute mixCD. It has 14 tracks but there is no tracklist…..who cares, CokeFaceDisco


There was no vids for any of the tracks on the mix, but to get a feel for Super Value…listen below

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