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MARS // Complete Studio Recordings NYC 1977-1978

I was first exposed to the madness that is Mars on the excellent No New York compilation that was put together by Brian Eno that showcased some of the best No Wave acts from late 70’s NYC. Impulsive and chaotic, the band Mars only survived two years together playing around 30 gigs and recording only 32minutes of music (all of which is presented on this album). This one is definitely is piece of musical history….like them or not, Mars brought something new to the table.

Here’s what Lydia Lunch had to say about’em:
Static transmissions from a distant dark star. Taking up and tripping out further than the Velvet Underground’s Black Angel Death Song. MARS punished not with blunt force, but with a propulsive agitation which signaled a neurological insanity. A crippled tension swathed in nervous friction. A cavernous musical universe riddled with eerie sound storms whose poisoned atmosphere seduced and threatened. Obtuse and unforgiving. Sickly sexy. Red noise redefining bass urges, forcing the listener to question their own sanity by drilling into ear holes using electroshock guitars as saw blades trepanning into grey matter….


1. 3E
2. 11,000 Volts
3. Helen Fordsdale
4. Hair Waves
5. Tunnel
6. Puerto Rican Ghost
7. N.N. End
8. Scorn
9. Outside Africa
10. Monopoly
11. The Immediate Stages of the Erotic

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VA- Not Wave

This comp came out in 08 as a joint release by DFA and Rong Music. It has a few original No-wave tracks but is mostly a presentation newer acts inspired by the old dogs of New York’s east Village. I like that they got two of the dudes from Liquid Liquid to remix a Tussle track. They also have King Heroin by James Chance and the Contortions, who is definitely one of my favorite bands from that period of time in NY. I really like the production on East West Axis by Research, any song with dope bass line, some killer funk riffs, and an old school drum machine loop got me hooked. Yuup, satisfied by my purchase.

Here’s what BOOMKAT had to say:
A joint release between Rong Music and DFA, this compilation strives to offer an alternative slant on the famed New York no-wave sound, helpfully suggesting: “it’s kinda like No-Wave, but Not.” The selection features new artists from around the world, plus originators of the movement like James Chance & The Contortions, throwing into the bargain a total of eight exclusive tracks. While the level of diversity on show throughout Notwave is exceptionally broad – running from the jagged guitar battery of Striplight to the housey grooves of New Jersey producer Mr. Chin – the essential spirit of the original movement remains more or less intact, with cuts like ‘The River Art’ by Research notching up the authenticity factor with an arrhythmic grasp on jazz/punk crossover. Proving that the new school have just as much to offer, Brooklyn’s Free Blood condense the very essence of what ‘Notwave’ might mean, making bizarre, semi-improvised electronics feel like party music. Recommended.

01. Quad Throw Salchow – Unwelcome Guest
02. Non-stop – Hydration Explosion
03. Striplight – No Search No Entry (Tim Love Lee dub)
04. Tussle – Elephants Meandering (Sal Principato & Dennis Young mix)
05. Mr. Chin – Faces vs Fractions (Trust)
06. Circuits – Pistols at Dawn (Tim ‘Love’ Lee’s Fully Bearded mix)
07. Freshro – I Turn My Camera On
08. Welcome Stranger – Smoke Machine
09. Free Blood – Weekend
10. Scotty Coats – Beautiful Ones
11. Research – East West Axis
12. Scotty Coats – Lude Boy the Rude Boy
13. James Chance & The Contortions – King Heroin
14. Research – The River Art


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