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Cults // Cults 7″

A friend recently shared this with me, it was a pleasant surprise. The indie dweebs have been waiting for a new indie pop princess to gobble up, since the majority of the current indie rock babes have been eaten up by corporations and thrown up as consumerist icons, this girl is special. She has such an uplifting voice that most bad days will turned into days of floating in the heavens.

This collection of three songs combines every thing you thought you knew about love, with a dash of summer time, and a small splash of psychedelia that leaves you with a smile on your face because of nostalgic memories of good times from the past. You are really going to like this. A plus.

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Disco Not Disco Vol. 1

All the way live from New York City. Here’s an excellent collection of those rare “leftfield disco classics” from that wonderful explosion of musical madness that took place there in the late 70’s/early 80’s that brought back the dancefloor. Pretty influential stuff, after hearing this you’ll realize how many people have “borrowed” ideas from this era…DFA in particular. Spectacular oddities lined up perfectly for your underground disco niteclub fantasy. Amazing stuff…

Link: Disco Not Disco Vol. 1

1. Walking On Thin Ice – Yoko Ono
2. Cavern – Liquid Liquid
3. Tell You Today – Loose Joints
4. Spatisticus Autisticus – Ian Dury
5. Over And Over – Material
6. Wheel Me Out – Was (Not Was)
7. Kiss Me Again – Dinosaur
8. I Walk – Don Cherry
9. Voices Inside My Head – Common Sense
10. School Bell/Tree House – Indian Ocean
11. Macho City – Steve Miller Band

Yoko Ono’s best song…awkward video though, soft-core w/ Lennon & Ono.

Quick side note, here’s a video for the damn good Michoacan single. He’s a producer from Palo Alto, CA and one of the newest additions to the DFA family.

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VA- Not Wave

This comp came out in 08 as a joint release by DFA and Rong Music. It has a few original No-wave tracks but is mostly a presentation newer acts inspired by the old dogs of New York’s east Village. I like that they got two of the dudes from Liquid Liquid to remix a Tussle track. They also have King Heroin by James Chance and the Contortions, who is definitely one of my favorite bands from that period of time in NY. I really like the production on East West Axis by Research, any song with dope bass line, some killer funk riffs, and an old school drum machine loop got me hooked. Yuup, satisfied by my purchase.

Here’s what BOOMKAT had to say:
A joint release between Rong Music and DFA, this compilation strives to offer an alternative slant on the famed New York no-wave sound, helpfully suggesting: “it’s kinda like No-Wave, but Not.” The selection features new artists from around the world, plus originators of the movement like James Chance & The Contortions, throwing into the bargain a total of eight exclusive tracks. While the level of diversity on show throughout Notwave is exceptionally broad – running from the jagged guitar battery of Striplight to the housey grooves of New Jersey producer Mr. Chin – the essential spirit of the original movement remains more or less intact, with cuts like ‘The River Art’ by Research notching up the authenticity factor with an arrhythmic grasp on jazz/punk crossover. Proving that the new school have just as much to offer, Brooklyn’s Free Blood condense the very essence of what ‘Notwave’ might mean, making bizarre, semi-improvised electronics feel like party music. Recommended.

01. Quad Throw Salchow – Unwelcome Guest
02. Non-stop – Hydration Explosion
03. Striplight – No Search No Entry (Tim Love Lee dub)
04. Tussle – Elephants Meandering (Sal Principato & Dennis Young mix)
05. Mr. Chin – Faces vs Fractions (Trust)
06. Circuits – Pistols at Dawn (Tim ‘Love’ Lee’s Fully Bearded mix)
07. Freshro – I Turn My Camera On
08. Welcome Stranger – Smoke Machine
09. Free Blood – Weekend
10. Scotty Coats – Beautiful Ones
11. Research – East West Axis
12. Scotty Coats – Lude Boy the Rude Boy
13. James Chance & The Contortions – King Heroin
14. Research – The River Art


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