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Morgan Geist presents UNCLASSICS

So this thing has been floating around since 2004, not fresh off the presses…but anyhow it’s a MUST HAVE. If you don’t have it already, get it now. It’s quite possibly my favorite obscure disco mix/compilation put out so far. It will amaze all the synth pop, italo disco, and electro funk heads. I think we’ve played almost every one of these tracks on the radio show…been boogie’n to this one for over 4 years and it’s still hasn’t gotten old. Listening to this mix is like attending an “interstellar disco” themed opera and then going to the technicolor afterparty on some hovercraft cantina. Yeah that sounds about right….

Here’s what the Village Voice had to say bout it:
Most tracks inevitably read somehow as cute and boppy. The genius of “Unclassics”, though, is that it is not a collection of cute little boppy weird-disco tunes; unfailingly, Morgan Geist‘s selections find Italians, Russians, Canadians, and others using low disco to attain distinguished results. The effects are rarely achieved with song lyrics or, for that matter, chords; these are songs in love with single-note synth melodies leanly phrased and recorded. They take dulcet neon-analog shape in the air above the beats as though they were previously silenced singers who’d just commandeered microphones and burst free. “Unclassics” is not Eurodisco lost in its own obscurity. It upends the rule book of taste.


1. Untro
2. Discotheque – Disco Special
3. Zodiac – Pacific
4. Pluton & Humanoids – World Invaders
5. Unrhythm Trax – Humanoid Beat
6. Margueritas – Margherita (Hot Edit)
7. Eurofunk – Manshortage (Eli-173 Edit)
8. Victor – Go On Do It (Radio Version)
9. Plastic Mode – Baja Imperial
10. Dance Reaction – Disco Train (Morgan Geist Caboose Mix)
11. Purple Flash Orchestra – Freedom Now (Break Edit)
12. Purple Flash – We Can Make It (Instrumental)
13. Gaz Nevada – Special Agent Man (Female Version)

Number 6 is a remix of this slappin track

Haha…and just for kicks, here’s the Purple Flash track with vocals. Get loose

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