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Guest Mix 12 // White Car

If you haven’t heard White Car they are an industrial space funk outfit based in Chicago, IL. The duo is comprised of Elon Katz, who writes, records and produces the music and Orion Martin who plays live electronic percussion. We’ve been playing their stuff on Fool’s Paradise every now and again and they noticed! The dudes sent us their EP, so I asked them kindly if they could make us a mix. Sure enough Elon came thru with it. He came up with some nifty album art work too. A+…..!

Here’s what he had to say>>>
i started this one off with a sexy drippy track from Zoolook, the ultimate Jarre album… sampling done so right….then we move to my favorite minimal jam ever, then a new one from George Quartz: the Marcello Mastroianni of Texas…. Zapp & Roger are on the same wavelength as Kraftwerk in this jam…. YMO so often sounds like down-syndrome Depeche Mode, but really they’re just japanese dudes singing in english and they really do write perfect jams…. A Modest Proposal, seems like gang gang dance listened to their records more than once or twice AOK also Short-Term Memory, strangely unique minimal synth jams… squished between those tracks are some maverick jams by Daniel Ash and Tom Ellard… then it’s CV, always good, followed by the superior digital rasta himself, Barrington Levy… ending if off with a forgotten Ministry track a cold wave classic to match the weather and a heart-wrenching chamber jam filled with endless sax solos.

I was way too high when I posted this….here’s the Download!

Be sure to check out their website to learn more!

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