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Maya Hayuk


Maya’s been a busy woman lately preparing for her upcoming show Friday, February 5th at Gallery16 in SF. It will be her first solo show with the gallery. I’m stoked to see what she has in store for the Bay Area the time around. She said if there’s some time she will send some flicks of her new works for show and in a few weeks send over a guest mix for us. Yee!

The Universe 2

An excerpt from her bio:
Leaving no surface, discipline, or location untouched, Maya Hayuk makes use of an unbounded and unpredictable matrix of sources, mediums, and styles. Her relationship to the images she invents is an intricate and complex free association and a perspicacious act of unfailingly putting all the parts together to make the whole. She employs intense yet pertinent colors, complex geometries, and fine lines in order to collect the constituents that make up her present and visceral world.


A veritable workaholic who at once possesses the expertise of an entrepreneur and the spontaneity of the works she makes, it is immediately obvious that she is much, much more: muralist, photographer, printmaker, designer, curator, player of records, writer, performer, collector, Barnstormer, painter, illustrator, videographer, documentarian, and on.

– Wendy Heldman

TONIGHT IS KIND OF SPECIAL, 2009, 23×23″, 4-screen print on Lenox paper. Edition of 45

Be sure to check out Maya’s Site and her show at Gallery16. Although Maya is no stranger to SF, it’s a treat to get some great talent from Brooklyn over here.  Here is  a video she did with Xlr8r Tv…!


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