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MATHEMATIQUES Modernes – Les Visiteurs Du Soir

More “cold wave” transmissions from Europe in the early 80’s. French synth-pop that is PURE GOLD…straight pirate’s booty! There’s not much info floating around about this group, but who doesn’t like mystery. Some tracks like “Jungle Hurt” are smooth like Sebastien Tellier while others spin a “motor-disco” feel which stimulate the limbs. At times there is a very playful showtunesy side to Mathematiques Modernes which will consume you. ¬†Freshness maintained for over 25 years and not due to spoil anytime soon. Get it get it….

Link: Mathematiques Modernes – Les Visiteurs Du Soir
1. Paris Tokyo
2. TV Night
3. A + B = C
4. Jungle Hurt
5. Disco Rough
6. Boy Be My Toy
7. Réponds-Moi
8. Athletical Mystery
9. TV Night (Instrumental)

Here’s a taste of what’s in store for ya…

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