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The homies from Hottub have dropped a new track “LOKOS ONLY” an electro hip-hop jam that pays homage to the infamous drink that will make you turbo crunk and it’s also a reference to the grimey West Oakland party house that shares the name as the track.

These Disco Oakland Queens came with a solid follow up to last years “ON BLAST” Ep. So keep your eyes peeled for these LOKA’S in heaven throughout 2011!

party time!

Stream it!

Download it!

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Jaysonic is one to watch

Originally published by Oakland Local

In an era where pretty much everyone has a computer equipped with digital
music programs like Fruity Loops or Garage Band, it’s refreshing to hear
electronic music made with analog drum machines and synthesizers.

Oakland resident Jason Stinnett, aka Jaysonic, takes that approach to the
next level by using vintage gear combined with the newest electronic
instruments to create his own unique sound. Jaysonic doubles as producer
for Oakland-based electro outfit Hottub and is resident DJ for the first
Friday dance party Le Heat.

This week’s featured track is the LLEGGS Theme by Jaysonic. It features a
thick old-school sounding drum groove, with a crunchy bassline and
slick melodic pads to even it out. Towards the end of the song, it gets a
little dark and experimental, but the repetitive drums keep it hype and up

This is a jam that the robots of the future will call a classic and the people of today will just brush off, but we aren’t sleeping on this track, we’re dancing.

This Saturday, Oct. 16,  Jaysonic will be spinning electro and disco grooves for Booze-Wazi – a new, monthly audio visual art party at Radio Bar. Come through and listen to the jams that Jaysonic will be bumping through the sound system.

Here’s a bonus …

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