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Fool’s Paradise Wk 31

Back at it again for Week 31 of our shortwave manifestation…another excellent one i must say. Pretty eccentric playlist, caffeine may have been the source of that, yeah that Vietnamese coffee (Mike’s hype) w/ the “alien slime” in it. And there were no technical problems-probably due to the fact we weren’t blunted or drunk….which is usually the case. Nonetheless, awesome show, the return of the comedy segment with Kristen Schaal and we got down with Gucci Mane, D-Lo remixed by Snoop, and “Woo Ha”! Also we remembered Jay Retard and good ol’ Teddy Pendergrass who left this world this week, and we had a moment of silence for the unfortunate people who were affected by the earthquake in Haiti. Til next time….

Link: Fool’s Paradise Wk 31


Fool’s Paradise- Buddy Holly
Lock Groove (Out) (FILL MUSIC)- Liquid Liquid
I Wanted Everything- Kurt Vile
26 _02 Restless- Pill Wonder
Warm Heart Of Africa (Architecture In Helsiniki Remix)- The Very Best
Excuse Me (Memory Tapes Remix)- Gucci Mane
Visions Of Trees – Through The Trees (fill music)
Summertime Clothes (Dam-Funk Remix)- Animal Collective
Minimal (DJ Koze Radio Edit)- Matias Aguayo
Don’t Be On With Her (Treasure Fingers Remix)- Miami Horror
Start Something (40 Thieves Remix)- Morten Sorenson
Ape Man (FILL MUSIC)- Augustus Pablo
Telefon- Palais Schamburg
Make 1 2- Arthur Russell
sound of stereo- model 500
No Hoe (Snoop Dogg Remix)- D-Lo
Running Out of Rope (fill music)- Silk Flowers
Track 09- Various Artists
Money To Blow (Featuring Drake & Lil Wayne)- Birdman
Can’t Get Over You- Vivian Girls
Devil In His Heart – The Donays
intervales theme (FILL MUSIC)- Javelin
Issitchilane- Group Bombino
The big search- George Garanian With The Melodiya Jazz Ensemble
Atlantis- John Forde
2002 – A Hit Song- The Free Design
Il Pinguino (FILL MUSIC)- Ennio Morricone
Kristen Schaal & Dolphins
El Entierro De Los Gatos- Los Saicos
Born Again Revisited- Times New Viking
Soeng E-Mae Oi [Ladies, Let’s Dance!]- Pairin Pongpiboon
Assault On Precinct 13 (FILL MUSIC)- John Carpenter
Jail La La -Dum Dum Girls
Something In The Way- Best Coast
Cranberry (Radio Edit)- The Ruby Suns
Ascending Melody – Dirty Projectors
Space Team (FILL MUSIC) – Bernard Fevre
Should have taken acid with you -Neon Indian
Bohemian Forest – Pantha Du Prince
Train To Bamako- Myd
Weird Machines- Small Black
Reaction Dub (fill music)- Revolutionaries
Radar 1941 – Sun City Girls

We’ll miss you Teddy P & Jay Reatard

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Jay Reatard

Solo debuts aren’t supposed to be this good. Jay Reatard has been kicking around Memphis since a teen, starting in the 1990s with the dirty-word punk of The Reatards, and lately in the thrashy synth-centered Lost Sounds. The brilliant Blood Visions falls somewhere in between – rambunctious and roaring, jerking nervously all the way. Tons of highlights here – tons of them – hitting on just about every style that’s had the word “punk” thrown at it as an epithet. It adds up sounding closest to the not-quite-new-wave rock that bounced between ambitious indies and majors around 1980; it resembles the twisted naiveté of the era, before bands realized that building a hook around “I will kill you” was going to keep them off the airwaves.

Jay, of course, knows better. Naiveté went out with the Carter re-nomination, and somewhere along the way delusions of grandeur gave way to festivals of failure. Hence, he’s got no problem building a hook around “I will kill you.” He delivers it nonchalantly, in a stiff diction that sounds like an American imitating a Brit, or vice versa. Later, in robot cadence, he sings “Minus puppet man / in a garbage can / drinking piss from a jar.” He’s got no expectations. Kids in bands like the Rezillos or the Weirdos riffed on the uncharted territory of Patti or the Pistols; career suicide was the furthest thing from their minds. Twenty-five years later, Jay puts himself on the cover with blood dripping off his love handles. Getting stocked at the department store isn’t a consideration.
-Dusted Review