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hooves tour 2011

My boys Hooves are embarking on another tour of the west. Pretty much my rock n’ roll bros from Phoenix, Arizona. Apparently they have created quite the reputation in Phoenix as crazy drunk lunitics, I always knew they had it in them. They also got band of the year or something like that in Phoenix aswell, siick! Try to make it out to one of their shows on this tour, they are filming a documentary about their crazy antics. So awesomeness will ensue.

I’m still looking for a place for them to play in the bay area, if you know a guy send me an email:

Here’s the list of dates…

February 24th – w/ Porches, and Roar @ Lost Leaf – 9 PM – Tour Kickoff – SEND US OFF

February 25th – Los Angeles, CA w/ Deaf La, Spero, High Kicks – 5 Star Bar – 9 PM – $5.

February 26th – Ventura, CA w/ Shakers – Billy O’s – 9 PM

February 27th – San Francisco, CA – TBD

February 28th – Arcata, CA w/ – Arcata Playhouse – 9 PM

March 1st – Eureka, CA w/ – Little Red Lion – 9 PM

March 2nd – Reno, NV w/ – Jubjubs – 9 PM

March 3rd – Las Vegas, NV w/ Dude City, Bare Wires – Bunkhouse – 10 PM

March 4th – First Friday Night Live, w/ FUCKING EXPLOSIONS AND SATAN – Firehouse – Phoenix, AZ

check out their tunes…

here’s a video of them at this thing I made them do at my school laast time they were in town…

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Hooves // Greater aspirations, Lowered expectations

I love me some good old fashion Rock and Roll. This ep is definitely that, an album to drink and sing along to. Fantastic drumming and guitar licks, along with a motherfucking trumpet player. All the bases are covered with this one. They are touring in June to promote this EP, so be sure to check and see if they are playing a city near you. Anyways, I have fond memories of hangin out with Andrew Krissberg and Chris Lamb from Hooves, drinking way too much whiskey and watching Happiness. Andy would be playing his acoustic guitar and singing, while Chris and I would be reading up on Abby Hoffman while smoking joints. Good times.

Here’s what Anjali Records had to say:
If fun had a sound track this would be it. The keys, the trumpet, the unison singing, the vibrato in the sing-it-like-you-mean it vocals push you way past go. The drums crave to be danced to. The songs are catchy with lots of fun surprises like trumpets, changing up the guitar or keyboard half way through the song. Its drinking music for those who like to yell and dance at the same time. (I bet you are bobbing your head or tapping your finger right now… and thinking about belting out the words next time you hear the song).

So let’s see. Man Man and Tapes ‘N Tapes are line dancing at a college hoe down chaperoned by The Rolling Stones; when all of a sudden Neutral Milk Hotel jumps in with the fruits (PBR) of a much anticipated beer run.

Stream and Download the album here…

Here’s some amateur video of them playing Modified Arts in Phoenix, Arizona..

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