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Over the past few months updating this blog has not been a top priority for either of us. I’ve made a few mixes that should of been posted here a while ago if I was in the mood to describe the feelings that these mixes will bring you…I still am not in the mood but I’m just doing this to fill my need to put out content on a daily basis.

The First of the 2 mixes is called Culture Clash and it was an eclectic mix of world musc and a dash garage rock gems, that lead into a more disco/funk boogie section at the end. I did this mix when I was putting together this party in San Francisco and was feeling advantageous at time and was going to make a limited edition zine and hand screen print all the covers of the cds myself. The show came and went and all I got is a mix I hardly shared. But here it is for you now…

The Second is called Swervin’ and it is my usual blend of bass music, rnb re-edits, and uptempo dance jams. Let me not bore you with details and let the music speak for itself. I’ve been writing all day and not really in the mood to write anymore about why I chose these songs or even want to lay out the track listing.


Also we are having a party on Saturday the 10th at radio bar come join us… 9pm till 2am.

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heRobust – Albumin Ep

After the V-day party on friday I found this treasure. My head was pounding and stomach churning and my weed induced high was levitated to the next level by these psychedelic beats, they’re as abstract as they are traditional. Can you dig it?

There will always be a place in my heart for the hip hop instrumental, heRobust’s contribution to that scene combines a great sense of soul with a splash of 21st century glitched out elements and rounds it out with some sweet full sounding synths. This ep is put out by Saturate Records from hamburg as their second release, the young label has some potential, for sure…vibeee!

1. Grief Case
2. Snail Gate
3. Triceratopless
4. Lumber Party
5. Hold On
6. Peanut Blubber
7. Dunce
8. Chewy Bakka
9. Shark Howard
10. Shawty Swing My Way (Busted)
11. Half Fool

Link: heRobust – Albumin Ep

Here’s an unrelated BONUS!

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