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Hot Diggity Dog!

Top Dog is nothing too fancy but if you’re looking for a good hot dog that’s easy on the pocket book, then you have chosen the right place. Not only do they have tasty Top dogs but they also have variety of different sausages and links. One of my favorites is the Lemon Chicken Sausage.

All dogs, sausages and links come on toasted buns plain leaving you to decide whether you want their tasty chili or of course your basic hot dog toppings which consist of specialty mustard, sauerkraut, ketchup, sweet pickle relish and fresh onion! If the dogs aren’t enough to fill you up, then there are bags of chips, and to wash it all down there’s a small variety of fountain drinks. So if you’re ever in Berkeley and are craving a good hot dog, sausage or link I would recommend Top Dog, which is located @ 2534 Durant Ave. I recommend this spot because of taste/Price/Location..It’s really close to the U.C campus and Telegraph in which there’s plenty to see and do!

SMR 22!


Juans Place

Do you like big portions? Do you like cheese? Do you like spending $15 a plate for Mexican food?

If you said yes to all of these then you would like Juan’s Place on Carleton St in Berkeley. It’s a family owned restaurant that’s been there for over 20 years. They have all the traditional Mexican entries and they have half orders of everything, so if you don’t really feel like spending $14 for Chile Verde you can get a smaller portion for $9.99. The main thing that makes this place great is the flour tortilla chips that they offer.

fucking amazing.


cam huong

If you know anything about Vietnamese sandwiches, then you already know about Cam Huong Deli on International. It’s a gem in the Eastlake Neighborhood. They have all the traditional Vietnamese deserts and dishes. But their specialty is the Vietnamese Sandwich, they have a variety of meats, a vegetarian sandwich, even a curry tofu sandwich. All ranging from $2.50 to $2.75.

The sandwiches are extremely tasty. They consist of freshly baked bread, white and orange carrots blanched in a white vinegar and sugar sauce, cucumbers, jalapenos, a little bit of mayo, and topped off with some salt and pepper.

The family has been a staple in Oakland for the past decade they own the Cam Huong deli, Cam Huong bakery in Chinatown, and Sierra Deli on 3rd street.

It’s filling sandwich at a great cost.