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SpaceGhost // FSCK

And the tracks keep coming from Oakland resident Sudi Wachspress aka Spaceghost, his most recent 5 song ep seems fitting with the weather and vibe I’ve been getting with Oakland recently. Cold dark places with glimmers of optimism and hope. We are all waiting for the summer, blud. Keep the jams coming! Tired is the stand out track for me on this ep, it shows another musical side of Sudi that’s a bit more progressive than his other beats.

1. Drone
2. Dome Home
4. Feed Me
5. Tired

here’s a video with an apperance by SpaceGhost and I dj’n a party in Alameda we didn’t play the song that the video was edited to. haha….

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LET THEM EAT CAKE // Everybody Get Up

Let Them Eat CAKE is an all female art show that was held tonight. This is one of the best shows Everybody Get Up puts on. Last year it was extremely successful. Ten percent of the proceeds made in this show will benefit 2nd chance of the East Bay SPCA. Our friend Mary J participated, so I took some flicks of some of the pieces.


Studio 2 1517 Park Street
Alameda, Ca

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