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Prins Thomas Live At Robert Johnson

So I heard Prins Thomas has a new album coming out on March 15 on Full Pupp, so I dug up this CD and put it back into my rotation (i didn’t choose the great Cosmo Galactic Prism since I’ve listened to that one a billiontrillion times) and I was reminded of why Prins Thomas is referred to as the Norwegian “cosmic hero.” He puts out awesome music/mixes/remixes, runs the Full Pupp label, and is a killer DJ. Dudes got impeccable taste and his mixes are proof of that. This is live DJset that he did in Germany in 2009…Here’s some words by Resident Advisor:
On this live mix Prins Thomas re-earns his reputation as one of trippy disco’s mighty overlords. Recorded live at the intimate Robert Johnson club in Frankfurt, it’s much less overtly weird and wonky than Thomas’ two-disc Cosmo Galactic Prism, but still retains the stylish inventiveness that has made the man into a de facto statesman for disco’s recent rehabilitation. The Robert Johnson club becomes a travel simulator, the mix becomes a black-box tape of the flight of the disco navigator.

Link: Prins Thomas Live At Robert Johnson
01. A very small Intro
02. Arpadys – Funky Bass (Idjut Boys Version)
03. Cage & Aviary – Giorgio Carpenter
04. Capracara – King of Witches (Rub N Tug Remix)
05. Trans Am – First Words
06. Map of Africa – Wyatt Urp
07. Bjørn Torske – Kokt Kveite
08. Käre & The Cavemen – Gallery Oslo
09. Babytalk – Chance (Babytalk Remix)
10. Frankie Valentine – Zumbi (Isoul8 Remix)
11. Low Motion Disco – Love Love Love (Still Going Remix)
12. James Yuill – This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas Re-Edit)
13. Dogs Of War – Le Stress
14. Cos/Mes – Build The Band
15. Ricardo Villalobos – Waiworinao
16. Anarchic System – Generation (Long Version)
17. Argy & The Mole – Cantstandlovegetaway
18. Martin Circus – Disco Circus
19. Opolopo – I Do (Domu Discotech Mix Ð Intrumental)
20. Acid Test – Test 1
21. Mathew Jonson – Followed By Angels
22. Samos – Alpha Storm (Original)
23. Sébastien Tellier – Sexual Sportswear
24. Closer Musik – Maria
25. Lindstrøm – Contemporary Fix (Bjørn Torske Remix)
26. Steel an’ Skin – Afro Punk Reggae (Dub)
27. A very small Outro

Enjoy, and here’s a video of the Closer Musik track with visuals from “2001: A Space Odyssey”…

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