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Walsh // Smoke Weed About It

Somewhere between dark synth pop, blissful chillwave, hip hop(?), and some electro inspired elements create a sonically beautiful ep. A driving home late album…Umm, after a little too many hits off the blunt. The guest Emcee wasn’t too annoying either, his flows are cocky but well spit. The other vocalist he has on the album I could do with out, but oh well. Walsh is from Beverly, Tennessee out of all places. I found this album off of the No Modest Bear blog check em out if you haven’t by now, the dudes who run it got good taste.


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Teams – We Have A Room With Everything

Teams is some dude from Knoxville, TN named Sean Bowie who makes some exquisite dream-like beat manifestations. His Catch Pool EP from earlier this year was one of the freshest listens i’ve had in a while. The songs are in their own realm. And this release “We Have a Room With Everything” is a sort-of compilation of both new and old concoctions by Teams. Sort of chillwavey(damn, i wish any term other than “chillwave” would have stuck) and kinda like indie dub techno. Muy bueno….


1. Nude Tilt
2. Better (In This Way)
3. Airworks
4. Confetti
5. Sunbells
6. We Have A Room With Everything 03:07

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Ears in the Wall

The brain child of Josh Woods, a San Fransisco native who released a few songs under the moniker Ears in the Wall. I say… that if I had to typecast his music and put it in a genre I’d go with the Chillwave (or is it Glo-Fi) category. Mostly nice songs with pretty sounding arpeggios and super thick bass tones. I have a feeling it’s going to be many people’s summer of 2010 soundtrack or at least a soundtrack to an afternoon hash session.

Good times..

He’s another kid to look out for.

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