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Sweet Bulbs // Eyes Feathers

Honestly, there is never too much infectious pop music with female vocals. With that said…this up and coming Brooklyn quartet recently finished their debut album which will most likely be released by BlackBurn records. Recently, I stumbled upon a track of theirs called Springstung and instantly wanted more. I contacted the band and they sent me the album version of their first song, Eyes Feathers. yeeYEE!


Link: EyesFeathers

Check out their myspace to hear the original recording of this track and a couple more crunchy treats!

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Beach Fossils // Beach Fossils

It’s been a while since we have posted any music. So I present you with Beach Fossils, a lazy summertime band, perfect for stoney walks around the lake or better yet for bus rides uptown. Lately I’ve been stressin’ thinking about moving and re-situating myself in a new city, the calm grooves of this album give me moments of peace and much needed tranquility. The stand out track for me is “Golden Age” a beautifully crafted pop song.

Here’s what Chocolate Bobka had to say about em….
Waking up all foggy on a hazy morning with peanut butter on my breath, espresso penetrating my nasal passage, and Beach Fossils “Vacation” radiating through my ear drums felt like a moment of semi-cosmic clarity. My senses were a buzz, yet, despite the undeniable strength of Stumptown’s Hairbender, I still felt like I was drifting through Maya Lin’s Wave Field at Storm King, the landscape undulating like an ancient oscillating synthesizer– a rippled world. Beach Fossils, a dreamy bliss pop act from Brooklyn, whose associations with Woodsist, Captured Tracks and Underwater People’s places him as part of the neo-Urban sylvan-beach psyche community (Woods, Ganglians, Real Estate, Ducktails), is the sound of escaping into a sun washed Polaroid from Rockaway Beach– the Atlantic to your east, Queens to the west.

Track listing:
Lazy Day
Twelve Roses
Golden Age
Window View
The Horse
Wide Awake
Desert Sand


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Maya Hayuk


Maya’s been a busy woman lately preparing for her upcoming show Friday, February 5th at Gallery16 in SF. It will be her first solo show with the gallery. I’m stoked to see what she has in store for the Bay Area the time around. She said if there’s some time she will send some flicks of her new works for show and in a few weeks send over a guest mix for us. Yee!

The Universe 2

An excerpt from her bio:
Leaving no surface, discipline, or location untouched, Maya Hayuk makes use of an unbounded and unpredictable matrix of sources, mediums, and styles. Her relationship to the images she invents is an intricate and complex free association and a perspicacious act of unfailingly putting all the parts together to make the whole. She employs intense yet pertinent colors, complex geometries, and fine lines in order to collect the constituents that make up her present and visceral world.


A veritable workaholic who at once possesses the expertise of an entrepreneur and the spontaneity of the works she makes, it is immediately obvious that she is much, much more: muralist, photographer, printmaker, designer, curator, player of records, writer, performer, collector, Barnstormer, painter, illustrator, videographer, documentarian, and on.

– Wendy Heldman

TONIGHT IS KIND OF SPECIAL, 2009, 23×23″, 4-screen print on Lenox paper. Edition of 45

Be sure to check out Maya’s Site and her show at Gallery16. Although Maya is no stranger to SF, it’s a treat to get some great talent from Brooklyn over here.  Here is  a video she did with Xlr8r Tv…!


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Guest Mix #8 // Julian C. Duron

Green Storage Unit
Acrylic on Panel 48″ x 32″

This time around for the Guest Mix we got up and coming Brooklyn, New York artist Julian C. Duron. Who’s work is up at the downtown Baltimore space Nudashank. Along with painting, Julian is a corespondent for fecalface, a videographer, and works in other various media such as sculpture, drawings, vector art, and photography.

Portrait of Found Materials
Acrylic on Panel 46″ x 48″


There is no such thing as a freestanding work of art. Each work is bracketed by: 1) everything that came before it, and 2) the next blank canvas. Between the two is the grand gulf that excites artists and collectors alike. My paintings emerge almost exclusively from the natural environment. Textures – organic, synthetic, and imaginary – are an important part of the composition, and are natural outgrowths of the subject matter.

impossible Corner
Acrylic on Panel 44″ x 63″

Here is part 1 of Julian’s….

Alright, so Julian didn’t give me a playlist nor any words on the mix but I did recognize that he put some dope shitgaze tracks, a few chill wave songs, and other groovy tunes in the mix, beat matched pretty good I might add.

I present you with…

Be sure to check his sites….

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