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Breakfast Mountain gives MONEY GRAMM$

Been diggin’ this dudes beats for a minute, I was excited to hear what inspires him. Oh yeah, I stand corrected when I said in an earlier post the breakfast mountain was a two piece, it’s a solo project that has a drummer for live shows. (my bad) Anyways, Zack came thru with some southern hip hop, radio jams, and a little bit of randomness with his playlist he made for us called Money Gramm$. Here are his words…

its basically a 2 1/2 hour playlist of everything ive been listening to for the last couple months. its weird. that shit and the radio. jammin 107.5. its our rap/rnb/space/the-future station. anyways: young money, travis porter, picture plane, salem and strawberry switchblade. the jammers! theres a couple easter eggs in the folder too. the secret jammers. get wet!


So if you are in the Portland Area tune in to Jammin’ 107.5 and get crunked out or wet. Either way enjoy!

here’s the play list….

Put It Down 5:02 The Dream
Temporary Infinity 3:09 Pictureplane
Raindrops 4:33 Jeremih
Bring It Back (Featuring Lil Wayne) 4:22 Birdman
Black Boy White Boy 4:17 Dj Teknikz & Travis Porter
Goth Star 3:19 Pictureplane
Ghost Dope 3:22 Juicy J
Nightclub 4:36 Birdman
Imma Star (Everywhere We Are) 4:21 Jeremih
Bed Rock 2:46 Drake & Lil’ Wayne
Time Teens 3:19 Pictureplane
Ma mere l’oye, suite – Le jardin féeriqué 4:20 Tomita
Dark Rift 5:15 Pictureplane Dark Rift
Ugh Ugh Ugh (feat. Webbie & Project Pat) 3:59 Juicy J
Sugar Hiccup 3:41 Cocteau Twins
Transparent Now (Thin Veil) 4:08 Pictureplane
Kellys 12 Play 4:18 The Dream
Stupid Adlibs 3:26 Dj Teknikz & Travis Porter
Breakfast Mountain Future gunnz MAY LING remix 5:04 May Ling
Lorelei 3:42 Cocteau Twins
Jeam instrumental 5:50 BREAKFAST MOUNTAIN
Love Partner Young Version 7:46 BREAKFAST MOUNTAIN
Round One (Gucci Mane) 5:10 SALEM
Since Yesterday 2:57 Strawberry Switchblade
The Turquoise Trail 2:02 Pictureplane
Let Her Go 2:47 Strawberry Switchblade
Go Away 3:10 Strawberry Switchblade
Boom Boom Clap Ft. SMB Official 4:46 Travis Porter
HI HATER 3:24 Travis Porter
My Partna Dem (feat. Young Dro) 3:56 The Rich Kidz
Been About Money 4:12 Birdman
Trance Doll 3:43 Pictureplane
Daw Glowwed 4:29 Pictureplane
Im A differenter 3:42 Travis Porter
Skullcrush 4:34 Salem Water
Money To Blow (Featuring Drake & Lil Wayne) 4:19 Birdman
Boys in Blush 3:37 Pictureplane
Boléro 9:24 Tomita
Wear a Nothing Cloak 4:11 Pictureplane
Crystal Skull Caravan 4:49 Pictureplane
Dreamscene 5:00 Hideous Men

ps..a recommendation is putting it on shuffle

BRKST MNTN has a bunch of cool videos but I’m not too sure how get viemo videos to play on wordpress so here are the links….

Summer Jamm
Mot a Mot
Just Jamm It


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So we are waiting still for Zack from Breakfast Mountain to send us some words to accompany the mix that he sent us. If you don’t know of him, he’s a beat making superstar from Portland, Ore. He sent us two of his new tracks and one remix in the mix. So here is a preview of whats to come from mix….


here’s the link.