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Over the past few months updating this blog has not been a top priority for either of us. I’ve made a few mixes that should of been posted here a while ago if I was in the mood to describe the feelings that these mixes will bring you…I still am not in the mood but I’m just doing this to fill my need to put out content on a daily basis.

The First of the 2 mixes is called Culture Clash and it was an eclectic mix of world musc and a dash garage rock gems, that lead into a more disco/funk boogie section at the end. I did this mix when I was putting together this party in San Francisco and was feeling advantageous at time and was going to make a limited edition zine and hand screen print all the covers of the cds myself. The show came and went and all I got is a mix I hardly shared. But here it is for you now…

The Second is called Swervin’ and it is my usual blend of bass music, rnb re-edits, and uptempo dance jams. Let me not bore you with details and let the music speak for itself. I’ve been writing all day and not really in the mood to write anymore about why I chose these songs or even want to lay out the track listing.


Also we are having a party on Saturday the 10th at radio bar come join us… 9pm till 2am.

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thizz.face.disco presents:

Come out to West Oakland and party with us. We’re bringing folks from Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and even some Oakland cats to round out the night. BONUS! After Party vibes considering all the fun that’s happening in Oakland on the 9th.

10pm till late
let’s get it hype!!


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SpaceGhost // FSCK

And the tracks keep coming from Oakland resident Sudi Wachspress aka Spaceghost, his most recent 5 song ep seems fitting with the weather and vibe I’ve been getting with Oakland recently. Cold dark places with glimmers of optimism and hope. We are all waiting for the summer, blud. Keep the jams coming! Tired is the stand out track for me on this ep, it shows another musical side of Sudi that’s a bit more progressive than his other beats.

1. Drone
2. Dome Home
4. Feed Me
5. Tired

here’s a video with an apperance by SpaceGhost and I dj’n a party in Alameda we didn’t play the song that the video was edited to. haha….

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LoveStruck: Valentines day dance party at GHOST TOWN

Djs from both sides of the bay bring you a Valentines day massacre on the dance floor. Come thru Friday Febuary 11th and kick off your V-Day weekend with us!

Playing jamz from all around the world with enough BASS to melt your box of chocolates. Plus some good ol’ Slow jams for you to bump and grind to.

Featuring djs

»» ♥ JAYSONIK (LeHeat)

»» ♥ PONYLOCO (loco’s only, hoodstock)

»» ♥ HANDSOME NETO (hoodstock, loco’s only)

»» ♥ FOOL’S PARADISE djs (BoozE-WaZi)

»» ♥ CHOCOLATE BLOOD (chocolateblood, zoology)

»»♥ HYDROPLANE (circutree records)

»» ♥ RnB millionaires (Oakland/Chicago)

»» ♥ Twin steps (members of summer blondes, religious girls)


Nothing says ‘i love you’ like a grimy-ass oakland warehouse dance party.
Save the last dance

Yo RSVP on facebook!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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thizz.face.disco has not been as up to date like usual. We’ve been off of it for a while but speaking for my self I will try to keep things rolling. This week Eloi and I are playing 2 parties one on Wednesday at ERA BAR presented by BAB, our homie Hydroplane and Ben Thompson will be preforming, then the first duo dj set by Eloi and myself. I’m stoked.  The second is our usual monthly party at Radio bar for the booze-wa, we are bringing some dope artist and JUSTLOCO from the Gold Sweat blog will be there tearing up the tables. yee!

To hold you over until we gather some stuff to share, here is a mix that I put together a couple weeks ago.  Dancey jewls to help you stay warm and remind you of summer time dance parties.

boogie down.

HEALTH – Die Slow (Pink Stallone Rmx)
Teengirl Fantasy – Dancing In Slow Motion (Brenmar Remix)
Gamboy; Gamegirl – Go 2 Skool (Tranter’s Club Dub)
Little Dragon – Never Never (SBTRKT Remix)
Jamie Woon – Night Air (Becoming Real Remix)
The Countach – My Oasis (Dance Club Version)
Shit Robot – Take ‘Em Up (feat. Nancy Whang)
Night Plane – No Regrets
James Fox – Put It Back (Ramadanman Refix)
Hardhouse Banton – 03 Reign (Roska’s and Food Remix)
Flight Facilities – Crave You (Jad & the Ladyboys Ketamine Mix)
Lemonade – Remain in Jah (Chrissy Murderbot Juke Remix)

 party time.

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eat real: a thizz.face.disco mix

What’s up, Comrade? Eloi and I dj’d at the Eat Real Fest after party this Friday and tried to get the 40 people who were there hype as fuck. Eloi spun some synth pop greatness and cumbia jams to get the bar crowd warmed up. I followed up with a variation of this mix I’m sharing with you now.

Here’s the tracklist:

Hotel Mexico – It’s Twinkle
Feast Of Violet – Notations
Catamaran – Pastels
Kris Menace & Fred Falke – Enamoured
Tetine – A Historia Da Garca
Protect U – Double Rainbow
Enjoyed – Fabulous to Feed
Prism Pane – In the Cave
Eliot Lipp – Golden Eye
Free the Robots – Orion’s Belt Buckle
James Pants – Drift Wood
Blondes – Spanish Fly (Brenmar RMX)
Au Revoir Simone – Another Likely Story (Neon Indian RMX)
Mike Monday – Your Body (Tim Sheridan RMX)
Chocolate Girl – Bless Me
Bloom – Love Phaze
Deradoorian – You Cary the Deed
Chateau Marmont – Mono Drama (Gavin Russom RMX)
Four Tet – Sing

Download it and let me know what you think.


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Fourth Realm // Patterns Of Visions

Hey friends… I would like to share some music I have made over the past year or so. I would love it if you checked it out. It’s mostly sound scapes, ambiance, and drone-y tunes. Songs about day to day life living in Oakland. Almost all of these songs were created while the sun was setting which explains the dark, ominous feel of my songs. I hope you enjoy the state of mind that these tracks will put you in, or at least help you cope with the day to day struggles of being a human. We live in a world where most people are full of baggage and bad attitudes, often feeling unsatisfied with the world around them. I try hard to be positive but the majority of the time it comes out not as sincere as I planned. I hope to change that in the coming years and I hope you will too. The world can be a better place if we all hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Always progress.


Here are some bonus tunes as well…..

PS if you have a blog and like what you hear please feel free to post it on your site!

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Fool’s Paradise

It’s Friday…You know the drill. Be sure to tune in to this weeks show. Talking points this week will be the 7th year anniversary of the Iraq War, Positive and negative effects of video games, and I’m sure Jonathan Bogus will have something absurd to talk about.

1:30 to 4:00 pm
104.1fm in the greater Berkeley Area
stream it…

I’ve been working on music and getting way to high, not really focusing on the blog. So here is the last 2 weeks episodes and playlist…


week 39..
Fool’s Paradise // Buddy Holly
On A Bayonet (fill music) // Beirut
BTSTU -// Jai Paul
Vampires // Jae R
Boundless Boundaries // Onra
10,000 Watts // J Dilla
Human Nature // Toro Y Moi
Ijere // Dr Adolf Ahanotu
What They Wanted To Be Was Useless {FILL MUSIC} // Infinite Body
fools paradise // zzzzziezik
Sun // Caribou
The Big Ship (FILL MUSIC) // Brian Eno
Round And Round // Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
All The Young Children (Rainbows In Tunnels Mix By LingLing) // Television Personalities
Camera ’84 // Growing
Short Circuit // Daft Punk
Poison // Bell Biv DeVoe
Situation // Yaz
Reindeer Dance (FILL MUSIC) // Rainbro
Space Team (FILL MUSIC) // Bernard Fevre
Me Gustó (Ghosts on Tape Rmx) // Mexicans With Guns
I Saw Eternity The Other Night // Lee Weather
Catamaran // Candy Claws
Cemetaries // Terror Bird
Bradley Bear // Holiday Shores
The Humpty Dance // Digital Underground
yo yo bass // Fateez
The Big Ship (FILL MUSIC) // Brian Eno
36 _02 deshominisation (i) (FILL MUS
Make a resolution // The Impressions
Keepthefunkalive // Devonwho
Gluckskugel // The Race Bruno Spoerri


Week 38..
Fool’s Paradise // Buddy Holly
36 _02 deshominisation (i) // (FILL MUS
Oklahoma // Weed Diamond
What We Know // Pill Wonder
TV Gamma // No Es Nada Importante
Starlight // Risque
Bermuda // Kisses
Jungle Hurt // Mathematiques Modernes
Vapor Trail (fill music) // Crystal Antlers
29 James Burke & Eno // Where to Sta
The Big Ship (FILL MUSIC) // Brian Eno
Rollerskate // Matias Aguayo
Tell You (Today) (Vocal) // Loose Joints
Baby (Clock Opera Remix) // Phenomenal Handclap Band
Helelyos // Zia
Chombo Meringue // Les Aiglons De Basse Terre
L’appareil �à sous // Brigitte Bardot
What They Wanted To Be Was Useless // {FILL MUSIC} Infinite Body
power of the people take 1
Para Bailar Cumbia (El Hijo de la Cumbia remix) // Alika y Nueva Alianza
what kind of leaders are those protest_
we need good teachers that are supporting us
Third Man Theme (FILL MUSIC) // Jean-Jacques Perrey & Gershon Kingsley
Onomatopaeia // Human Egg
Galaxy // Running
First Hand Experience In Second Hand Love // Giorgio Moroder
Your Body (Tim Sheridan Remix) // Mike Monday
Transistor (fill music) // Kraftwerk
Across 110th street // Bobby Womack
Victor // Go ON DO IT (radio edit)


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