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Black Dice shares Eric’s Dice Mix Vol. XV

Happy Happy New Year everyone….time to get things underway for 2010, and the guest mixes are back. For the 4th installment we got a mix that was sent to us by Aaron from Black Dice, and it was compiled by fellow BD member Eric Copeland (who Aaron said is the go-to-guy for awesome mixes). This thing is all over the place, with no hint of musical prejudice anywhere and jams all along the way. This mix would be perfect for all kinds of situations, i personally feel that it’s perfect for those 40 oz. afternoons dancing on the balcony. Here’s what Aaron said:

Eric makes these mix Cds for us in the band– I call em Eric’s Dice Mix, and this is volume 15.
Unfortunately, no track names, so just enjoy the tunes and the mystery
Have a good one, hope to make it back West soon

Download it

Black Dice just wrapped up their great year of records and touring with a tour of Switzerland. I hope we get to see more Black Dice in 2010, seeing as how there last show in SF got shut down before them or Wolf Eyes played, cops are whack. Here is a vid of them playing in NYC in 2008….peep below:

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topss by Eloi

Yupyup, it’s my turn to turn myself into a stereotype and make a year-end list. Personally i feel that these lists are kinda ridiculous yet, somewhat essential. 2009 = Too Many Bands That Sound the Same + Too Few Great Movies. Don’t get me wrong there was definitely some wonderful jemz that will stand the test of time, so let’s get to it (while i wait for the this damn Lost Season 6 premiere).

Sound Releases::::::::::::

Matrix MetalsFlamingo Breeze
2009 was a huge year for cassettes. Lo-Fi was all the rage. Yeah it’s been done, but this year some bands killed it with their DIY recordings. And this here my friends, was one spectacular display of that lo-fi goodness. This is what they’ll be playing at the club in 2169……check it out HERE.

Matias AguayoAy Ay Ay
Kompakt is completely on the international label tip, since their roster pretty much spans the globe. 2 years ago they came with the one-two punch of The Field and Gui Boratto, and 2009 saw the arrival of Matias Aguayo to the Kompakt family. This album is like a carnival of irresistible fluid like melodies. Matias has made his own harmonious Wonderland. We posted a few months ago….get it HERE.

Black DiceRepo
Brooklyn’s three piece presented us this year with an album that showed them continuing their musical journey in new directions. Pretty much melted my ears upon first hearing it, causing it to stay in my constantly changing music rotation. This album reminds me of their crazy visual/extremely loud live show. Go see them any chance you get, they’ll take you places you’ve never been.

Tim HeckerAn Imaginary Country
Joyful noise/Ambient Doom maestro Tim Hecker returned this year with another album that will make ones senses all fuzzy-like. It wasn’t the hugest leap forward in his musical ability but it still continues to amaze my ears even after countless listens. I guess this was considered a “concept” album and each of the tracks is for a different region of Tim’s imaginary country. Nice.

Junior BoysBegone Dull Care
To be honest, I was not a huge fan of Junior Boys before I heard this album. But once the sounds of this album reached my ears I was hooked. Totally infectious electro pop songs. Cheesy yes, but in the most perfect way. This album barely made it on the list…..some days i feel that Sally Shapiro’s My Guilty Pleasure is better. Still, both are great.

It’s kinda hard for me to make a list of my favorite 2009 films since I haven’t seen a lot of the 2009 films. For instance if i had seen them, probably Broken Embraces, The White Ribbon, A Serious Man, and The Road might have been on this list. But anyhow, here it goes:

Thirst – takes a dump in Twilight’s mouth

Anti-Christ – Pretty much…..speachless

Gomorrah – new generation of mafia films has begun

The Limits of Control – Come on…Spain, Jim Jarmusch, and a bunch of good looking international superstars who rendevous with a hitman to exchange encrypted messages, who doesn’t want to watch that.

District 9 – Finally…Sci-Fi is back

And FINALLY……..some musical reminders of why 2009 was so great::::::::::::::::::

Disc One – LINK
here is the playlist:
Walkabout (feat. Noah Lennox) – Atlas Sound
Love Is a Wave – Crystal Stilts
Can’t Get Over You – Vivian Girls
MLKs – The Strange Boys
Big Wave Rider – Rainbow Bridge
Despicable Dogs – Small Black
Weak For Me – Nite Jewel
Greek Ambassador – Geneva Jacuzzi
Asleep At A Party – Memory Cassette
New Theory – Washed Out
Behind The Bank – Oneohtrix Point Never
Turned On – Ecstatic Sunshine
Mega Secrets – Family Portrait
In My Room – Best Coast
Don’t Mind – Spectrals
Old Folks – Real Estate
WARRIOR – The Bitters
Revamper – The Pheromoans
Hair – Ganglians
See Inside – Factums
Dream For Your Bathwater – Terror Bird
Memory Of Self – Dolphins Into The Future

Disc Two (Electronics) – LINK
here is the playlist:
Walter Neff – Matias Aguayo
Moonlight Dance – Sally Shapiro
Hazel – Junior Boys
Start Something – Morten Sorenson
Bail Me Out – Trus’me
Jeffer – Boys Noize
Feast Your Eyes – Afrobutt
Bursting The Bubble – Gatto Fritto
A New Bot – The Juan MacLean
Poison Lips – Vitalic
Fire Power (Original Mix) – Wolfgang Gartner
Narrier – Nathan Fake
00/346 & 00/380 (Dandy Jack & The Queen Of Mars Remix) – Conrad Schnitzler
Mouth [Brad Peep’s Remix For Friends] – Iz & Diz
Geode – Emeralds

Muy Bueno!

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