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Abel // Morning Transit ep

The wonder kid from San Jose works his magic again with his latest release the Morning Transit Ep. A perfect balance of blissful noises and beats to make the brisk morning ride to where ever your going more enjoyable, the kind of music that makes cold weather alright.

1. Dog Years
2. Free Birds
3. Skipping Puddles
4. But Why
5. So Hard To Stay Too Hard To Leave
6. Mr. Light Bright

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heRobust – Albumin Ep

After the V-day party on friday I found this treasure. My head was pounding and stomach churning and my weed induced high was levitated to the next level by these psychedelic beats, they’re as abstract as they are traditional. Can you dig it?

There will always be a place in my heart for the hip hop instrumental, heRobust’s contribution to that scene combines a great sense of soul with a splash of 21st century glitched out elements and rounds it out with some sweet full sounding synths. This ep is put out by Saturate Records from hamburg as their second release, the young label has some potential, for sure…vibeee!

1. Grief Case
2. Snail Gate
3. Triceratopless
4. Lumber Party
5. Hold On
6. Peanut Blubber
7. Dunce
8. Chewy Bakka
9. Shark Howard
10. Shawty Swing My Way (Busted)
11. Half Fool

Link: heRobust – Albumin Ep

Here’s an unrelated BONUS!

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Elephant & Castle // Analouge ep

David Reep aka Elephant and Castle hailing from Oakland, Ca put out this EP in August. I completely slept on it until now. An euphoric psychedelic take on beat making with as much floating ambiance as there is neck breaking beats. Music for an early morning hike up a hill with a joint in your pocket to smoke when you get to the top.

take some time out of your day and listen to this..

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Forest Dream EP

Another project from the versatile Josh Wood, the Forest Dream EP features a more dark side of Josh’s production. A too much LSD walking in the TL on a rainy night type of feel. Off beat rhythms with chaotic noises sporadically tickling your auditory senses. Bump it with head phones after toking a blee you’ll be satisfied.

Check it out…

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Abel//Abell 1689

The wonder child from San Jose brings a more upbeat percussive approach for his latest offering, but not straying too far away from his blissful ambiance roots. Filters, reverb, and delay keep things hazy and out of body, while repetitive pounding drums keep you grounded, euphorically feeling the music.

Bubble Baths and Boogie Nights are the noticeable standout tracks, but seriously though Boogie Nights has been my about to light up a joint jam for the past few days. I’m not the only one feeling Abel’s music, his new mix is going to be featured on the Monday Jazz blog.

Bump this shit!

Link:Abell 1689

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SpaceGhost // P Y R A M I D D R E A M S

Our homie SpaceGhost put out his new album up for download a few Thursday’s ago and topped off the fun by playing a Dj set on Fool’s Paradise. It’s great watching this guy rock his set. The young’n put out a solid collection of songs to astral travel with. After a few bowl loads you will experience the hypnotic tendencies with SpaceGhost’s music and lose yourself  in some Pyramid dreams.

Should of posted this up a while ago but late is better then never.

Bump this shit.

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