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Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA

I am sure by now you know about my ongoing love and fascination with anything to do with global conspiracy and ruling elite. This is another new documentary from Alex Jones. I sometimes have my doubts about this guy being the real deal or he could possibly be a COINTELPRO spokesmen sent to mislead the public even more! That would be a mind fuck for sure. haha. \

Anyways here are some words on Alex’s latest work:
POLICE STATE 4 chronicles the sickening depths to which our republic has fallen. Veteran documentary filmmaker Alex Jones conclusively proves the existence of a secret network of FEMA camps, now being expanded nationwide. The military industrial complex is transforming our once free nation into a giant prison camp. A cashless society control grid, constructed in the name of fighting terrorism, was actually built to enslave the American people. Body scanners, sound cannons, citizen spies, staged terror and cameras on every street corner — it’s only the beginning of the New World Order’s hellish plan.

This film exposes how the “Continuity of Government” program has established an all powerful shadow state. Prepare to enter the secretive world of emergency dictatorship, FEMA camps, and a shredded Constitution. Witness police and military savagely attacking innocent citizens as our own government unleashes false flag operations to justify its oppression. Then watch as Alex Jones takes on corrupt mercenary police and exposes mainstream media brainwashing.

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Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined

Film maker Jason Bermas has collected a truly monumental amount of video archive and document material to render completely obsolete claims that the agenda of todays ruling elite is not the open move towards a global totalitarian world government which will be run to the detrim…ent of the people in the self-interests of the tiny ruling class that sit atop the power pyramid.

Bermas highly anticipated documentary Invisible Empire exposes the New World Order in their own words, by painstakingly showing how the elite have not only conspired to create a dictatorial global government in private, but have publicly stated their agenda hundreds of times in public.

By highlighting the words of people like Paul Wolfowitz, Michael Mullen, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and many many others, Invisible Empire dispenses with the conjecture and sticks to the cold hard facts. This movie is guaranteed to wake up even the most ardent skeptic to the manifestly provable acceleration towards an authoritarian planetary regime that intends to control and regulate every aspect of our existence.

Invisible Empire is presented with the aid of the slick graphics, professional scripting and dedicated depth of research that will prove vitally important in presenting this shocking information to others who may otherwise seek to dismiss the sheer scale of the conspiracy at hand.

The film traces the lineage of the evolution of global governance from Samuel Zane Battens 1919 manifesto New World Order, through to Hitlers vision of a 1000 year Reich, to the modern incarnation of the conspiracy which has its roots in the evil deeds of people like George H. W. Bush, David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger.

Invisible Empire deftly encapsulates how Hitlers vision of a new world order was promoted during the 1936 Olympic Games, with the five Olympic rings being prominently displayed for the first time, a totalitarian representation of the five major regions of the world interlocked under one dictatorship.

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