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Abel // Morning Transit ep

The wonder kid from San Jose works his magic again with his latest release the Morning Transit Ep. A perfect balance of blissful noises and beats to make the brisk morning ride to where ever your going more enjoyable, the kind of music that makes cold weather alright.

1. Dog Years
2. Free Birds
3. Skipping Puddles
4. But Why
5. So Hard To Stay Too Hard To Leave
6. Mr. Light Bright

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Abel//Abell 1689

The wonder child from San Jose brings a more upbeat percussive approach for his latest offering, but not straying too far away from his blissful ambiance roots. Filters, reverb, and delay keep things hazy and out of body, while repetitive pounding drums keep you grounded, euphorically feeling the music.

Bubble Baths and Boogie Nights are the noticeable standout tracks, but seriously though Boogie Nights has been my about to light up a joint jam for the past few days. I’m not the only one feeling Abel’s music, his new mix is going to be featured on the Monday Jazz blog.

Bump this shit!

Link:Abell 1689

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Abel // Utopia

Prepare to transcend superhuman boundaries with ambient sound collage pieces from San Jose native, Abel. His new ep is a sonic adventure into the inner soul. Peaceful tunes reminiscent of a time when walking in the forest and enjoying the natural beauty was a common thing. Suited for soothing the mind in the urban jungle or deep meditation. The only things that come to mind are Double Rainbows… this is beautiful blissful noise.

Check out his myspace for more treasures.

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