Guest Mixes

#17 by Growing

For our 17th go-around we have got a special treat from Joe D. of GROWING. He’s brought together a wonderful bag of gems that will liven up any heavy afternoon buzz. Genre hopping through obscure classics and changing up tempos at the perfect spots, Joe D. creates 75mins of dee-lite. Where the hell else are you going to hear Eric Copeland, Gram Parsons, Gangsta Boo, and crazy Soviet acapellas all on the same mix?…..yeah that’s what i thought. Eclectic goldmine filled with satisfaction.

And in GROWING news, they released an LP (“PUMPS”) a few of months back on Vice Records. The record is another fantastic release from the Brooklyn based trio and showcased the bands ability to expand their sound palette even further. Also they are playing a show with Wolf Eyes and Black Dice at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn, NY on July 7th and they will be making an appearance at All Tomorrow’s Parties later this year. Anyhow get your hands on the guest mix…and buy the “PUMPS” LP HERE.


NOW BE THANKFUL – Fairport Convention
BY AIR – Labani Kalunga & Fikshala Band
COUNTRY BOY – Heptones
SLOMO – Chris Carter
MEA CULPA – Byrne & Eno
JEAN IS DEAD – Descendents
NWAMPFUNDLA – Tshe-Tsha Boys
TIMEWARP – Eddy Grant
BIT PART IN A BAD MOVIE – Born Against live at Gilman St.
ANYWAY – Luke Roberts
GEORGIAN SONG – Musics from the Soviet Union
MUNAYE – Mulatu Astatke
FLYIN’ SHOES – Townes van Zandt
LET THEM DIE – Smoking Popes
ENFA ODO NDI AGORO – J.A Adolfo and the City Boys
SCONES AND BULL – Eric Copeland

Also…check out some GROWING below…
A vignette for “Drone Burger” off their latest album PUMPS

Here’s a video for “Reconstruction” that Joe D. put together himself


#16 by Spectrals

In case you weren’t aware of who has been creating those wonderful melodies that have been emanating from Leeds this past year…’s Spectrals. Channeling 60’s era garage/surf rock, Spectrals produce perfected timeless pop. And Louis (man behind the curtain) was cool enough to get some of his favorite jams together for us to nibble on. Doo-wop, Jazz Standards, UK garage pop are just some of the genres swimming around the mix which gives us a keen sense of where Spectrals inspirations come from. Martin Scorsese should hire Louis to pick the music for his next gangster film, “Sonny Boy” and “Is It Asking Too Much” could have totally been in Mean Streets. Another essential mix…


1. You’re Gonna Hear From Me – Scott Walker.
2. Sonny Boy – The Berets.
3. Another Girl – Comet Gain.
4. Don’t Sing Love Songs – The Caravelles.
5. Spell Bound – The Twilighters.
6. I Don’t Need Your Love – Skrewdriver.
7. Oh, How To Do Now – The Monks.
8. Is It Asking Too Much – Jerry Vale.
9. Cheque Book – Dr. Feelgood.
10. Baud To Tears – The Verlaines.

And just for kicks, listen to Spectrals do what they do below:
“Keep Your Magic Out Of My House”

“Leave Me Be”


#15 by Filterwolf

Let’s start out this month on the right foot, we can do that with a new guest mix from German dance phenom Filterwolf. Besides making the freshest dance beats around right now, the dude is a talented DJ as well. He was kind enough to make us a mix of extravagant dance tracks that transcend dimensional boundaries and leaves you in a state of euphoria, ready for a decadent night.

here’s the tracklist:

    Claro Intelecto – New Life (Modern Love)
    Abe Duque – Hipocrisy (Process Recordings)
    Spektre – Descent (Respekt Recordings)
    Filterwolf – Love Code (Process Recordings)
    New World Aquarium – Trespassers (Delsin)
    Mirko Loko – Love Harmonic (Carl Craig’s Soundscape Remix) (Cadenza)
    Fluxion – Orpidoe (Resopal)
    Olibusta – La Pazz (Infine)
    Luciano Benz – La Leyenda Del Beso (White Label)
    Max Cooper – Chaotisch Serie (Traum)
    Dirty Doering – Dr. Nagel (Bar 25)
    Spektre – Seeq & Destroy (Respekt Recordings)
    Filterwolf – Terra Tech (Process Recordings)
    Pantha Du Prince – Lay In A Shimmer (Rough Trade)




#14 by Geneva Jacuzzi

And now for guest mix numero 14….Geneva Jacuzzi shares her Human Spider Mix. Geneva Jacuzzi has been making hits for a few years now and is from Los Angeles. And her latest album Lamaze is proof that she can kill it on the darkwave/electro funk tip, the album is superb! It just got released last month on Vinyl International (buy the album HERE). And we were lucky enough to have her collect some of her favorite musical specimens for our pleasure and it’s as stimulating as the “Orgasmatron” from Barbarella. She starts it off with a wonderful short track by Tangerine Dream which acts as the perfect countdown before you drift into a jungle of nocturnal bliss. Once you fly into Geneva Jacuzzi’s web of unforgettable jams, you’ll never want to get out.


This mix took a minute for us to receive, but mixes as splendid as this one are worth any wait…

Oops I totally spaced on the mix cuz I’ve been outta town. But I’m here at my parents house and I’ve got some cds so I just made you a mix, here’s the tracklist….for your ears to pleasure.


And just for kicks, here’s Kids Inc. covering “Peer Pressure”…yess


#13 by Art Museums

And now…the return of the Guest Mixes! And with this one, drunken menageries may occur if played at the right time. For our 13th go-round, Glenn D. from The Art Museums is driving, providing the tunes to bring out the warm sunshine. Makes sense, seeing as how The Art Museums are fellow sunny Bay Area dwellers who create wonderful pop jems. Listening to their debut album “Rough Frame” may cause the same great feelings that come with listening to any great record from the likes of let’s say early Television Personalities…yeah some exquisite DIY pop. “Rough Frame” is fantastic, it was self recorded and released back in February via Woodsist (buy it HERE). And now Glenn has presented us with the perfect jukebox for those wonderfully hazy afternoon hangouts full of cocktails and ass wiggles. So why not let Glenn serve you up some classic UK pop, punk, with some wonderful surprises swimming about? And he was nice enough to include some words about each track….enjoy


Ok, I’ve included some footnotes…mix is best heard with marijuana & gin & tonic.

1. Society Party –Yellowman
yellowman vs. nancy reagan
2. Handsome Devil — The Smiths
Morrissey sings of groping a woman’s breasts over killer almost-punk bass-line…
3. You’re Not Blank — The Dils
the Everly Brothers of LA Punk…
4. I Just Get Caught Out (Demo Ver.)– The Go-Betweens
the best band ever in the history of time…
5. Tape Machine — Stephan
obligatory obscure genius Clean-related band…
6. Let Me Rock You Now — Lovejoys
8 minutes of pure bliss, notice the beautiful awkward tape splice in the middle…
7. I Guess I’m Just a Little Too Sensitive–Orange Juice
some people are in on the joke, some people just don’t get anything ever.
8. Relaxing in A Burning Car —Phantom Payn
discover phantom payn & 39 clocks & their sprawling catalog of genius ennui.
9. Frantic Romantic– The Scientists
I saw a beautiful woman DJ-ing this song at a creepy bar in the Outer Mission…I was in love for 2:47.
10. Elm Grove Window–The Clientele
the Clientele nailing it on their first CD-R way back when…

glenn d.

And be sure to mark those calendars because The Art Museums have just expanded their lineup and will be playing numerous West Coast shows coming up

May 20 – Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, CA
May 21 – Thee Parkside in San Francisco, CA
May 29 – Rickshaw in San Francisco, CA
Jun 7 – Tractor Tavern in Seattle, WA
Jun 8 – Media Club in Vancouver, BC
Jun 9 – Holoscene in Portland, OR
Jun 10 – Jambalaya in Arcata, CA
Jun 11 – TBA in san francisco, CA
Jun 12 – Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, CA
Jun 15 – Echoplex in Los Angeles, CA

Check out their video for S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G. below


#12 by White Car

If you haven’t heard White Car they are an industrial space funk outfit based in Chicago, IL. The duo is comprised of Elon Katz, who writes, records and produces the music and Orion Martin who plays live electronic percussion. We’ve been playing their stuff on Fool’s Paradise every now and again and they noticed! The dudes sent us their EP, so I asked them kindly if they could make us a mix. Sure enough Elon came thru with it. He came up with some nifty album art work too. A+…..!

Here’s what he had to say>>>
i started this one off with a sexy drippy track from Zoolook, the ultimate Jarre album… sampling done so right….then we move to my favorite minimal jam ever, then a new one from George Quartz: the Marcello Mastroianni of Texas…. Zapp & Roger are on the same wavelength as Kraftwerk in this jam…. YMO so often sounds like down-syndrome Depeche Mode, but really they’re just japanese dudes singing in english and they really do write perfect jams…. A Modest Proposal, seems like gang gang dance listened to their records more than once or twice AOK also Short-Term Memory, strangely unique minimal synth jams… squished between those tracks are some maverick jams by Daniel Ash and Tom Ellard… then it’s CV, always good, followed by the superior digital rasta himself, Barrington Levy… ending if off with a forgotten Ministry track a cold wave classic to match the weather and a heart-wrenching chamber jam filled with endless sax solos.

I was way too high when I posted this….here’s the Download!

Be sure to check out their website to learn more!



Lemonade was incredible enough to send us a great compilation of tracks, I was shocked to hear On Our Own by Bobby Brown. I love that song. The music in the play list is mostly head nod worthy, there are plenty of songs that you gotta bust a groove too.

Grace (Justin Martin Remix) // Mike Monday
Lie Lost (Maurice Fulton remix) // Crazy P
Payaso // Sarafin
Watching You (Original Mix) // Instra:mental
Wunderbar // Wolfgang Riechmann
L’amour Et La Violence (Floating Points mix) // Sebastien Tellier
La Flauta Azteca Sonido Tribal 2009
Perfect Pitch feat Jill Scott // MJ Cole
Revenue (Untold Remix) // Ramadanman
Kissing Game // Soul Clap
pose off (pum pum shorts) // Red Fox ft Screechie Dan
Voices (Rmx Jenifa Mayanja) // Jus-Ed Presents Nina Kraviz
On Our Own // Bobby Brown
Gold Bricks, I See You // Mosca
freak ‘n u (dub) // Steve Gurley
Island Girl // Chase N. Cashe
Out Of Time // Peru
Raincry (Submerged) // God Within


Here’s what they had to say:
This is neither a mixed nor sequenced mix, but I think played on shuffle or something would be a pretty good reflection of what’s been getting us stoked lately musically. It’s a lot of fun music and bouncy, wiggly rhythms, mostly made for dancing. There’s no real theme to it, and the songs were picked by the three of us independently, although I think that they share a common feel as far as what Lemonade is into at this moment. We’re constantly bombarded with amazing music and it’s overwhelming and impossible to keep up, but it’s also what keeps us inspired all the time to make our own tunes.

This is their new single///

Be sure to check out their new EP Pure Moods which is out on True Panther on 3/9.


#10 by Brenmar

William Salas aka Brenmar the percussion and electronics master from These are Powers sent us an amazing mix! Full of house and techno tunes, even a little hip-hop was mixed in. It’s pretty much what you need to get the hoedown poppin’. I am grateful or the mix considering the dude has a busy schedule. I asked for the theme of the mix and in one word he said “DOPE”.

So with that stated here is the mix and playlist…!

Download Now!!!

1. Boris Dlugosch – Bankok (Roska Remix)
2. Dj Deeon – Freak Like Me (Brenmar Remix)
3. Burak Som Sistema – Luanda/Lisboa
4. Shystie – Pull It (Ill Blue Funky Mix)
5. Mavado – Sarlight
6. Ikonika – Please
7. Gucci Mane – Believe It or Not feat. Drake
8. Four Tet – Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix)
9. Lloyd – Like Me
10. Nguzunguzu – El Bebe Ambiente
11. Untold – Anaconda
12. Raekwon – Catalina
13. Seiji – Dope Test
14. MNDR – I Go Away
15. Barry Gray – Thunderbirds

Be sure to check out the new These Are Powers 12′ coming out at the end of the month called Candy Man. Preorder that shit here. Also check out Brenmar’s tunes on myspace, he gots some great rmxs on there.


Here are some videos of These are Powers…!


#9 by Luke Fischbeck

After weeks and weeks of asking and reminder emails Luke Fischbeck came thru with an awesome mix. It proves that persistence pays off. Much appreciated considering the dude has been on tour pretty much all of last year and it looks like twenty-ten is going to be a busy one as well.

According to Luke the mix is completely, randomly, assorted things nothing fancy. I asked him the theme of the mix and he said…it rained for like ten days in a roww!!!

With that said, here is the mix….

Salvation and Reminiscing – Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Pissing In A River – Patti Smith
Mildly Skeeming – Soft Verdict
lift-ekko-puls-puls – lift-ekko-puls-puls
romance adieu – Thomas Voburka
MISEN Gymnastics – Oorutaichi
Dance For The Sacrifice – Chimbuck Murung
Samuel Coleridge Afield – Javelin
por medio de la lectura – Los Amparito
Sunshine – Infinite Body
The Plum Blossom – Yusef Lateef
Some Are – Avocet
Musique Cinétique – PierreBastien
Triangle Walks – Fever Ray
Sem Boys – Zoviet France
Kreintoj – Robert A.A. Lowe & Rose Lazar
Danza alta – de la Torre
El Fantasma / La Maquila – Los Macuanos
Sonne stat reagan – Joseph Beuys


#8 by Julian C. Duron

Green Storage Unit
Acrylic on Panel 48″ x 32″

This time around for the Guest Mix we got up and coming Brooklyn, New York artist Julian C. Duron. Who’s work is up at the downtown Baltimore space Nudashank. Along with painting, Julian is a corespondent for fecalface, a videographer, and works in other various media such as sculpture, drawings, vector art, and photography.

Portrait of Found Materials
Acrylic on Panel 46″ x 48″


There is no such thing as a freestanding work of art. Each work is bracketed by: 1) everything that came before it, and 2) the next blank canvas. Between the two is the grand gulf that excites artists and collectors alike. My paintings emerge almost exclusively from the natural environment. Textures – organic, synthetic, and imaginary – are an important part of the composition, and are natural outgrowths of the subject matter.

impossible Corner
Acrylic on Panel 44″ x 63″

Here is part 1 of Julian’s….

Alright, so Julian didn’t give me a playlist nor any words on the mix but I did recognize that he put some dope shitgaze tracks, a few chill wave songs, and other groovy tunes in the mix, beat matched pretty good I might add.

I present you with…

Be sure to check his sites….


#7 by John Dwyer

And the sweet guest mixes continue…this time John Dwyer (of Thee Oh Sees, Coachwhips, several other great bands) is behind the wheel of this fantastic ride. He starts it off wonderfully with the track “Era Inverno” from the great Italian psych/prog rock band Le Orme which prepares one for the upcoming stunning classics. Just glance at the tracklist….solid. This mix will make you want to buy a round of shots for everyone while y’all sing-a-long to John’s jukebox. Partytime……

Link: John Dwyer Guest Mix #7

hey bud…here are ten tracks in the order
1.le orme :era inverno
2.otis redding: thats how strong my love is
3.sam cooke (live): bring it on home
4.the equals:michael and the slipper tree
5.adam and the ants:beat my guest
6.unknown african rocker
7.alice cooper:teenage lament ’74
8.skip spence:grey/afro
9.canned heat : on the road again
10. and an homage to a homie..
jay reatard:haunting you in peace


#6 by Cassie Ramone

Vivian Girl-Cassie Ramone delivered a mix for us to share. I’m glad she came thru considering the band is on tour and have a new single on the way from the bands record label, Wild World. Cassie shares some cute doo-wop jamz from girl groups, a great Peruvian punk track, and a dose of Ariel Pink, not to mention some other sonic goodness as dessert or dry heat goodness as desert, hah. (you’ll get the joke, when you download the tracks..check the genre section on itunes.)

Here are Cassie’s words:

Enjoy!! I don’t know what the theme of this mix is, except maybe “songs I like that inspire me.” Is that ok?

It’s great Cassie! Thank you for the mix….

Here’s the playlist:

Little Bell-The Dixie Cups
Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now-Patience and Prudence
Du Ronda-Lou Christie
God’s Phone Number-The Bananas
Don’t Think Twice (Love)-Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Black Night-Green on Red
Walk On By-The Beach Boys
Devil In His Heart-The Donays
He’s My Surfin’ Guy-The Beach Girls
Get Rid Of Him-Bernadette Castro
The Mexican-Babe Ruth
Walk On By-The Stranglers
El Entierro De Los Gatos-Los Saicos

download it!


#5 by John Fell Ryan

For Round 5 of the Guest Mixes, John Fell Ryan of Excepter compiled us this here 63 minutes of wonder. One reason why this mix is amazing because at times you feel like you’re in that crazy night club from Robocop …..or maybe the one from Liquid Sky. Then by the end you’re in a Space Elevator to the Moon. Plus there is all these joyful synth noises and funk stylings peppered throughout the mix, never a dull moment. He even included the tracklist with short notes about each of the tracks, sweet….

Link: John Fell Ryan Guestmix

John Fell Ryan Guestmix Jan 2010
00:00 “Body Double” – Pino Donaggio
(theme from DePalma classic of same name)
03:22 “Reach Out” – Blake Baxter
(with production assist from Moritz Von Oswald)
10:00 “Sound of Stereo” – Model 500
(fave boogie twelve from Mr. Juan Atkins)
16:47 “Build a Fire” – The KLF
(“The White Room” OST version)
21:47 “Funky Evil Reggae” – Bohannon
(Excepter once had a turntable on stage just to drop this track in the set)
26:50 “The Thirteen Question Method” – Chuck Berry
(there are only seven questions asked by my count, but hey)
29:01 “Let Her Dance” – The Bobby Fuller Four
(if only Buddy Holly lived long enough to drink gasoline by moonlight)
31:30 “CIA Man” – The Fugs
(1980s live vers used by Coen Bros in credits of Burn Before Reading)
34:39 “Double Barrel Prayer” – Diamanda Galas
(They know when you’re sleeping. They know when you’re awake.)
39:27 “MRA” – The Brotherhood of Breath
(I went into a record store asking for White Africans playing Black Music and this is what they gave me.)
44:20 “The Flower Lady and Her Assistant” – Seeds
(My favorite tune by the late, great Sky Sunlight Saxon)
47:47 “Dank Je Sanne” – La! Neu?
(The full title of this is “Dank Je Sanne For Not Erasing The Tune of Dank Je Sanne” and if you are in the business of improvising singing together with live electronics, you will understand the gratitude expressed to the recorders when things go right like this. Klaus Dinger may have died alienated from his Kosmiche brothers for his bloody-mindedness, but his heart was always beating in the right direction, as this track from 1997 proves in spades.)

Wish I could have made it longer to include free jazz tamboura section, but maybe for another time-JFR


#4 by Eric Copeland

Happy Happy New Year everyone….time to get things underway for 2010, and the guest mixes are back. For the 4th installment we got a mix that was sent to us by Aaron from Black Dice, and it was compiled by fellow BD member Eric Copeland (who Aaron said is the go-to-guy for awesome mixes). This thing is all over the place, with no hint of musical prejudice anywhere and jams all along the way. This mix would be perfect for all kinds of situations, i personally feel that it’s perfect for those 40 oz. afternoons dancing on the balcony. Here’s what Aaron said:

Eric makes these mix Cds for us in the band– I call em Eric’s Dice Mix, and this is volume 15.
Unfortunately, no track names, so just enjoy the tunes and the mystery
Have a good one, hope to make it back West soon

Download it


#3 by Zack Osterlund

Been diggin’ this dudes beats for a minute, I was excited to hear what inspires him. Oh yeah, I stand corrected when I said in an earlier post the breakfast mountain was a two piece, it’s a solo project that has a drummer for live shows. (my bad) Anyways, Zack came thru with some southern hip hop, radio jams, and a little bit of randomness with his playlist he made for us called Money Gramm$. Here are his words…

its basically a 2 1/2 hour playlist of everything ive been listening to for the last couple months. its weird. that shit and the radio. jammin 107.5. its our rap/rnb/space/the-future station. young money, travis porter, picture plane, salem and strawberry switchblade. the jammers! theres a couple easter eggs in the folder. the secret jammers. get wet!


So if you are in the Portland Area tune in to Jammin’ 107.5 and get crunked out or wet. Either way enjoy!


BRKST MNTN has a bunch of cool videos but I’m not too sure how get viemo videos to play on wordpress so here are the links….

Summer Jamm
Mot a Mot
Just Jamm It



#2 by Chaz Bundick

So this is our second installment of guest mixes. This time it’s from Toro Y Moi’s Chaz B. This mix is pretty great he goes from shoegaze, to toe tapping disco-ish stuff, and eventually leaves you with your hands up in the air getting down to some house. It’s sweet, you know I always love a dance party.! Here’s what he had to say…

“I had fun making this list! There was a lot more that I wanted to put on… but this is great stuff too. I used to make these monthly compilations and put them in local record stores and people could pick them up for free. Since the genres are scattered I decided to put them in order chronologically. But for the songs that seemed out of place I placed it next to similar songs…That’s what I did for this Mix. It goes from jazz to house. Enjoy!” – Chaz B.

Bride of the Spirits 2:34 Twinsistermoon
8 Octobre 71 4:27 Cortex
To Here Knows When 5:49 My Bloody Valentine
Daffodils 2:50 Coma Cinema
The Show 3:21 Living Image
The Human Abstract 5:27 David Axelrod
Time For Us All To Love 4:34 Bullion
Theme From Teenage Suicide 2:23 My Teenage Stride
Suburban Dogs 4:37 Real Estate
Can’t Hear My Eyes 3:12 Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Have a Heart 3:37 The Lines
Come Back Lover (Remix) 6:53 Fresh Band
Barcelona (Lifelike remix) 4:26 The Plastiscines
One Day (Surkin Remix) 4:36 The Juan Maclean
Neo Violence (Shazam Remix) 4:36 The Tough Alliance


#1 by Bethany Cosentino

So recently, I have been emailing and myspace/facebook messaging bands about doing mixes for us. It finally paid off with cuz Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast took time out of her busy schedule to share a mix she made with us. It’s awesome… but I will use her words for the description.

california is a little confusing sometimes. it’s december and it’s 70 degrees outside, but it’s like 40 degrees inside of my house. i basically have my space heater on 24/7. i’m not complaining. all i want in life all the time is warm weather– but waking up is hard to do when it’s cold! i made this playlist to listen to while getting dressed/waking up in the morning, and suddenly everything feels warmer.


1. “I Could be Happy”- Altered Images
2. “Second Hand News”- Fleetwood Mac
3. “Platypus”- The Clean
4. “Sister Golden Hair”- America
5. “All I do is Dream of You”- Patience & Prudence
6. “The Train From Kansas City”- The Shangri-Las
7. “Different Drum”- The Pastels
8. “Mind Games”- John Lennon
9. “Never Recover”- The Cardigans
10. “Cherry” – Jive Bombers
11. “From Your Boy”- The Queers
12. “Why Can’t He Be You”- Patsy Cline
13. “Thank You and Goodnight”- The Angels

Don’t you love the Oakland Raiders shirt? I do. Anyways, I really hope you enjoy this mix as much as I have. Btw, Best Coast is going to be touring with the Vivian Girls in February be sure to catch them in our area…

Feb 8th at the CREPE PLACE W/ VIVIAN GIRLS in SANTA CRUZ, California

2 thoughts on “Guest Mixes

  1. […] Thizz.Face.Disco Guest Mixes-It was actually these mixes that were getting me psyched about mix tapes again. I’m particularly fond of those done by Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls) and John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees), but they’re all great ways of hearing new stuff. Compilations! […]

  2. Paul Ankerson says:

    Having just discovered your site and seen the great mixes you have, i was keen to download and listen to some.
    Unfortunatly i cant seem to get any to download.
    (i am based in England, and using a Mac).
    If you can tell me how to get around this problem, i would be most grateful.
    As your site has just been mentioned in The Gaurdian newspaper here, i imagine you will
    be getting alot of UK traffic to your site.
    I hope its only me thats having problems with downloading, as it looks like a great site, that lots of people will enjoy!.

    All the best, Paul.

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