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Mapzzz Mix01 – Bobby Peru

thizz.face.disco’s Bobby Peru made a mix for the homies who run the Mapzzz blog..

Here’s what they had to say about it:

Maybe we’re alone on this, but we can remember a time in–say–middle school, when all we needed to start a weekend dance party was gather 10 or 15 friends at someone’s house (whose parents were out of town, of course) and throw on the local hip-hop station where a decent enough DJ would be throwing down some hot jams. Well, we’re not in middle school anymore and our musical tastes have moved far beyond the realm of commercial radio, but sometimes we still find ourselves with moments of helpless yearning, in search of an easy dance party starter. And with that in mind, we present the first installment of a new mix series where we will feature some of our favorite mix masters giving us 30 minutes of fresh, funky, and most of all body-movin’ tunes. We have the honor of featuring Oakland’s own DJ, promoter, blogger, and all around future-music man, Mike Melero (a.k.a. Bobby Peru) for the first in our series. Melero can be found concocting sets of future-beat madness most nights of the week in between running his monthly Booze Waazi parties and maintaining the always on-point Thizz Face Disco blog. On this particular outing, Melero takes us through 30 minutes of slippery, syrupy, bass music; starting off with a few choice head nodders before jumping into some deliciously uptempo madness. D/l this beast, grab some friends, and clear the floor.

1. devonwho – braketime (shlohmo’s reiteration)
2. Flying Lotus – Robo Tussin Ft. Lil Wayne
3. Supra 1 – Still Believe feat. Amy Douglas (L-Vis 1990 Remix Dub)
4. 9th Ward Tea – Pulla Muscle (Gutta Bounce Remix)
5. Salva – Blue
6. Squarehead – On The Line
7. Poni Hoax – We Are The Bankers (Renaissance Man Dub Mix)
8. Groove Theory – Tell Me (Brenmar House Mix)
9. Boom Bip – One Of Eleven
10. Sonora – Paraiso (Mexicans with Guns Remix)
11. Klaxons & Yaaard – YAAARD of Calm Trees
12. Steve Gurley – freak ‘n u (dub)
13. Policia – Sensible
14. Nathan Fake – Narrier
15. Kid606 – Samhain California
16. Daroc – A Bout De Souffle

Fool’s Paradise

It’s Friday Friday Friday. Y’all know what that means, another installment of our short wave transmission radio show that we do every week. Be sure to tune in today to hear what we have in store for you! Last week we had an informative show where we talked about Chinese Hackers, the movie Avatars effect in other countries, and gave praise to the Community Rejuvenation Project who goes around beautifying the grimy neighborhoods of Oakland.

Here is the playlist….

Fool’s Paradise // Buddy Holly
Soul Particles // Take
Mingus And Pike // The Ruby Suns
CODE // Jose James
I’m Never Gonna Tell It // Funkadelic
Freddie’s Dead // Curtis Mayfield
France Gall/Laisse Tomber Les Filles Various Artists
36 _02 deshominisation (i) (FILL MUS
Orion’s Belt Buckle // Free the Robots
Cosmic Disco cosmic Rock Excerpt two
Rampage // Whitefield Brothers
Cooley High // Rodney O & Joe Cooley
Ritmo de Juventud (Orion Edit) // orion
Unknown Cumbia Track
Third Man Theme (FILL MUSIC) // Jean-Jacques Perrey & Gershon Kingsley
Island Girl // Chase N. Cashe
Moscow 1980 // Javelin
Gold Bricks, I See You // Mosca
Yaylalar // Selda
Détective // Medikao
Rough Frame // The Art Museums
Violin Fill Music // Optimo
Hackers // sophisticated and braisen
What They Wanted To Be Was Useless {FILL MUSIC} Infinite Body
power grids // Hackers
go our seprate ways…health care! HEALTH Care
Visions Of Trees // Through The Trees (fill music)
anti goverment anarchist // Hackers
Vapor Trail (fill music) // Crystal Antlers
Dirty // Acid Eater
Space Woman // Herman’s Rocket
I Wanna Hold You // Charles Albright
Moi je joue // Brigitte Bardot
Upright Citizen // Crass
Jackin’ For Beats // Ice Cube
Transistor (fill music) // Kraftwerk
Neu! // After Eight
I Can’t Make Up My Mind // The Zombies
Vincent Price // Purple Snow
Desert Of Colors // Screen
Persona La Ave // Beache 2
Lighthouse (Youandewan Dub) // dOP
Morgan // Cloud Nothings
Twenty-Nine( fill music) // Pillowdiver
Raincry (Submerged) // God Within


Be sure to tune in today from 1:30 to 4:00 pm on Berkeley Liberation Radio 104.1 or stream it online from their site….


Midnight Massiera

What went on in Jean-Pierre Massiera’s mind…no one knows. He provided an excellent alternative to those happy pop/rock groups that dominated the late 60’s and 70’s. He’s been affiliated with countless bands and the monikers are never ending and yet JP Massiera’s releases are still as hard to find as ever. But last year Finders Keepers released a wonderful compilation highlighting the man’s many many projects, and it’s an excellent introduction to JP Massiera’s world. Listening to this comp is like watching El Topo or The Holy Mountain for the first time.

Here’s what Bookmat had to say:
Jean-Pierre Massiera has often been described as the French Joe Meek and has long been high up on many a crate-diggers shopping list, but these 18 tracks are truly a revelation, veering from early-electronic style experiments through to insane African mutations, psychedelic patchworks, fuzz-funk, spooked-surf, interplanetary-prog and back again for one of the most engrossing and entertaining 50 minutes you can imagine.


1. Visitors – Visitors
2. S.E.M. Studios – Ivresse des Profondeurs
3. Jesus – L’Electrocute
4. Les Chats – Bizarre
5. The Starlights – Mao Mao
6. Basile – Itubo Del Anno
7. Chico Magnetic Band – Pop or Not
8. Les Maledictus Sound – Kriminal Theme
9. Jesus – Songe Mortuaire
10. Basile – Engins Bizarres
11. Human Egg – Onomatopaeia
12. Les Monégasques – Psychose
13. Chris Gallbert – Sing Sing
14. Herman’s Rocket – Space Woman
15. The Piranha’ Sounds – La Turbie Pirhanienne
16. Atlantide – Egg
17. Les Maledictus Sound – Inside My Brain
18. After Life – Sevret La Vielle Dame

I think Matias Aguayo has taken notes from Human Egg


“An obscure cult figure during his lifetime, Mario Bava (1914 – 80) is now widely regarded as one of the most popular and influential figures of the post-war Italian cinema. Director, cameraman, editor, and special effects wizard, Bava is best-known as the man behind such stylish and innovative horror films as “Black Sunday”, “Black Sabbath”, “Blood and Black Lace”, and “Twitch of the Death Nerve”. What is not commonly known is that, before becoming a director, Bava enjoyed an equally long career as one of Italy’s leading cinematographers, by collaborating with the likes of directors Roberto Rossellini, G.W. Pabst, Vittorio De Sica, and Raoul Walsh. An even greater secret is that Bava’s workaholic tendencies compelled him to supplement his directorial career with numerous uncredited side-jobs for friends and colleagues.” – from Mario Bava : All the Colors of the Dark by Tim Lucas.”

Yes, Bava did direct a hell of a lot Horror films, but he also directed many other great films that were not all ghouls’n ghosts. He dabbled in fantasy, sci-fi, western, romantic comedy, and he even made a film based on Italian comic book character Diabolik. Fantastic cinema gems…..find and enjoy.


Jacques Tati

Excerpt from Godard on Godard.

“With him, French neo-realism was born. Jour de Fete resembled Rome, Open City in inspiration. Less liked because more reticent, Hulot, too, invited us to savor in secret the bitterness and the pleasures of life. Yes, this moon-man is a poet, as Tristan the Hermit once was. He sees problems where there are none, and finds them. He is capable of filming a beach scene simply to show that the children building a sandcastle drown the sound of the waves with their cries. He will also shoot a scene just because at the moment a window is opening in a house away in the background, and a window opening – well, that’s funny. This is what interests Tati. Everything and nothing. Blades of grass, a kite, children, a little old man, anything, everything which is at once real, bizarre and charming. Jacques Tati has a felling for comedy because he has a feeling for strangness. A conversation with him is impossible. He is, par excellence, an anti-theoretician. His films are good in spite of his ideas. Made by anyone else, Jour de Fete and Hulot would be nothing. Having become with these two films the best French director of comedy since Max Linder, Jacques Tati may with his third, Mon Oncle become quite simply the best.”


Fool’s Paradise wk 12


Back again for Week 12 of the show and this time our friends Truth and the Music aka Coop Devillin and Judah Armada came thru to play some of their tracks. Their tracks came off their ep The Science of Sound v.2.1 and instrumental beats were off of Coop’s instrumental ep Synthetic. We had some laughs and volume problems but nonetheless the jamz came shining through.

Here’s a link to Truth and The Music

Here goes the tracklist:
Situation (Dub) 5:44 Yazoo The Dark Side Of Disco Vol.1 (White Label)
03 Track 3 4:02
Mr Decay (Robert Babicz Universum Disco Mix) 7:49 Gui Boratto Chromophobia Remixe Part 1
movies (fill music) 2:03 NastyNasty heavy little things Bass
Something In The Way 2:11 Best Coast
Revamper 2:08 The Pheromoans Revamper 7″
Mind Your Own Business 3:14 Delta 5 Singles & Sessions 1979-81
Peepholes – Bagel 2:01
L’Uccello Magico (FILL MUSIC) 2:12 Nino Rota Il Casanova Di Federico Fellini Soundtrack
A Means To An End 4:08 Joy Division Closer
Leaders of Men 2:37 Joy Division Substance
She’s Lost Control 4:57 Joy Division Substance
Love Will Tear Us Apart 3:30 Joy Division Substance
Belong 2:55 Washed Out Side A
Polkadot Blues 3:00 Hudson Mohawke Polyfolk Dance EP
Performance 2:46 Tones Of Tail Rvng Prsnts MX3: Tim Sweeney
Reaction Dub (fill music) 3:25 Revolutionaries Reaction In Dub
34 MargretChoMulletFantasia 2:26
White Car – The Bridge 4:14
Every Day Is Halloween 6:37 Ministry Early Trax
Beat Bop 9:59 Rahmelzee Vs. K.Rob New York Noise: Dance Music From The New York Underground 1978-1982
Lock Groove (Out) (FILL MUSIC) 4:04 Liquid Liquid
Look Alive 4:01 Despot Def Jux Presents 4
Renaissance Theme (fill music) 4:07 DatA Skywriter
04 Nine 3:07 Coop Devillin Synthetic EP
Actor Out Of Work 2:15 St. Vincent Actor
Make 1 2 2:51 Arthur Russell Henrik Schwarz, Ame, Dixon – The Grandfather Paradox
anarchist 3:55 travel+leisure Murray bookchin
1 (fill music) 6:30 Buckets & Batteries Buckets & Batteries EP
Six Different Ways 3:19 The Cure The Head On The Door
Blood Orange – Scooled 3:31
Recipe for Love 2:17 The Ronettes The Ronettes Featuring Veronica
Il Pinguino (FILL MUSIC) {from Vamos a Matar, Companeros (Let’s Go & Kill, Comrades) 2:54 Ennio Morricone
Summertime Summertime 3:01 Nocera Fierce Freestyle Classics

deadbeat summer.

Be sure to tune in to Fool’s Paradise Radio…>>>1.30-4.00

or if you are in the bay 104.1fm

we do it big!