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SIck, Sad World

Sick, Sad World is a Oakland based party, with resident djs Neto187, Spaceghost, GuMMybeAR and BobbyPeruu, that has been going on for close a year. The party has been cursed with problems but has been reincarnated at various dive bars, clubs and warehouses. The past few have been held at RECCENTER studios and throughout the past year we have made plenty of new friends and we are proud to announce that we have used our talent pool to create our first single of our new summer mixtape featuring Antwon and Safe with production from FaTees. This is a summery jam that will get you excited for the upcoming months of sunshine.

Also made with the help of of the Sick, Sad World community we were able to produce the second Episode of Sad Banana that features RECCENTER engineer/studio manager Lucas Noah, Antwon, and DJ Bad Slorp. With camera work by Jessy Jamboree, Zach Romero and Mike Melero.

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Bicep – $tripper

Bicep, the fresh dj duo from Belfast, recently put out an awesome new 12″ called “$tripper.” The record contains the title track on the A side while the B side contains a sleazy boogie-disco edit by a mysterious “Unknown” artist. Anyway the record is must have for any record collection. You gotta love those 90’s Jersey house vibes on the late-nite tip….

Buy the Vinyl HERE.

Try it out HERE.

Check out some of Bicep’s edits below…

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gridlock’d – a mix by eloi

Almost been a year since our last blog transmission, and we’ve missed u. So let’s try and pick up where we left off by jumping right back into the swing of things. “gridlock’d” is my latest mix which aims to rouse the senses through infectious choice cuts. Lately my days have been full of repetitive daily commutes which act as both a test of my patience as well as a refuge for me to indulge my music listening addiction. So i put together this mix to nibble on during those times when a musical escape is needed. “gridlock’d” melts together numerous electronic genres like electro, deep house, Detroit techno, and microhouse to create a 30-minute ramble through electronic boogie.

You can also download the mix HERE.

Tracklist…can be found HERE.

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Over the past few months updating this blog has not been a top priority for either of us. I’ve made a few mixes that should of been posted here a while ago if I was in the mood to describe the feelings that these mixes will bring you…I still am not in the mood but I’m just doing this to fill my need to put out content on a daily basis.

The First of the 2 mixes is called Culture Clash and it was an eclectic mix of world musc and a dash garage rock gems, that lead into a more disco/funk boogie section at the end. I did this mix when I was putting together this party in San Francisco and was feeling advantageous at time and was going to make a limited edition zine and hand screen print all the covers of the cds myself. The show came and went and all I got is a mix I hardly shared. But here it is for you now…

The Second is called Swervin’ and it is my usual blend of bass music, rnb re-edits, and uptempo dance jams. Let me not bore you with details and let the music speak for itself. I’ve been writing all day and not really in the mood to write anymore about why I chose these songs or even want to lay out the track listing.


Also we are having a party on Saturday the 10th at radio bar come join us… 9pm till 2am.

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takeout – a mix by eloi

When rambling through “takeout”, you will encounter a wash of early House licks, robotic tech house, and 80’s boogie. It’s sort of a simulation of an electronic dream that begins on a neon dancefloor and ends in a strobe-lit shower. So take some time out to listen and drench yourself in titillation. Enjoy & get loose…. also, if you pop on “takeout” while your driving you’ll totally feel like Hasselhoff from Knight Rider.

Download HERE!!

Yello – Oh Yeah
Tensnake – Something About You
Matias Aguayo – Dance Machine
Shlomi Aber – Create Balance (Steve Lawler Remix)
Danny Daze – Fall Away From Love
Mary Jane Coles – What They Say (Dyed Soundorom Remix)
Laura Jones – Love In Me
Ali Love – Moscow Girl (Jacques Renault Remix)
Pleasurekraft – Anubis
Burnski & Robert James – Malibu
Midland – Through Motion
Alli Borem – Scotch Your Mind
MANIK NYC – Ruckus 80H8
DJ T. – City Life (Maceo Plex Remix)
Disco Nihilist – A New Career In A New Town
Lee Foss – Little Game
Mock & Toof – The Key (Call Super Mix)

**ARTWORK by M. Stall**

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wooz – a mix by eloi

Warm summer nights are on the horizon which means it’s time for rampant dancing. So I decided to mixxxx another whirlwind collection of electronic gems. Fascinations with things like 80’s synth pop, Tech House, artificial environments, simulacra, repetition, mazes all contributed to the materialization of “wooz”. Also I’ve totally been on the Ancient Aliens tip, so this is a sort of mixtape dedicated to those elusive “star beings” who travel at warp speed. S T I M U L A T E…

Download HERE!!!


Art of Noise – Legs
Fredi Michel – Marinero (Diegors Percapella)
Cosmic Kids – Reginald’s Groove
Roman Flügel – Bahia Blues Bootcamp
Edu Imbernon & Coyu – Burn Myself
Round Table Knights – Belly Dance (Mowgli Remix)
Black Devil Disco Club & Nancy Sinatra – To Ardent (Horse Meat Disco Remix)
Lissat & Voltaxx – The Sunken Bells of Ibiza
Deep Groove – Timing
Lone – For Ed
Mario Ochoa – Brujos Y Hechiceros
Tiger Stripes – Lonely Girl
Azari & III – Hungry for the Power
Hot Natured feat. Ali Love – Forward Motion
Krush – House Arrest
Kool DJ Dust – Back to the Future
Josh Tweek – Green Surprises
Souleance – Chemise
Magazine 60 – Don Quichotte (No Estan Aqui)
Todd Terje – Margeritha Edit

and don’t forgot about our monthly party BOOZE WAZI

Gatto Fritto

We’ve had our eye on Gatto Fritto ever since he graced the world with Bursting the Bubble back in 08′. And now, his debut full length album has finally arrived…and it was well worth the wait. It’s an amazing synthesis of Kraut-era electronic experimentation and milky midnight disco which will send each listener through various electronic galaxies. Space boots on…


1. The Curse
2. The Hex
3. Grinding Of The Brakes
4. Solar Flares Burn For You
5. Lucifer Morning Star
6. Invisible College
7. My Etheric Body
8. Beachy Head

here’s a tiny taste…

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Todd Terje – Ragysh

It’s been over 5years since we’ve heard any “new” songs from Todd Terje. During the past half decade he has been supplying us with some of the greatest edits & remixes of countless disco/house gems. But now, the so-called “Remaster of the Universe” returns to the helm with this sweet 4track EP entitled Ragysh. And now that he has given us another taste of his solo work, we are just left wanting more…


01. Ragysh
02. Snooze 4 Love
03. Snooze 4 Love (Version)
04. Bonysh

Preview the title track below::::

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Nicolas Jaar – Time For Us b/w Mi Mujer

Nicolas Jaar has been making quite a stir on the electronic music scene since his last album, Space Is Only Noise, dropped earlier this year. At just 20years of age, this young lad is already gaining international notoriety for weirdly nocturnal jams. Jaar mixes ingredients from many genres like deep house, downtempo, and future jazz to create his own palette of morphine drenched noise accompanied with low Nick Cave-like vocals. Definitely someone to keep an eye on…


Stream the A side below::::

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Lone – Echolocations

U.K. producer Lone returns to surface with his early-90’s Euro house licks in tow and presents us with the spectacular Echolocations EP. Compared to his last effort, Emerald Fantasy Tracks, Lone has stepped up his dance game and delivers a fresh 21st century view of classic rave music with melodies from the fourth dimension.


Stream below::::

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