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SIck, Sad World

Sick, Sad World is a Oakland based party, with resident djs Neto187, Spaceghost, GuMMybeAR and BobbyPeruu, that has been going on for close a year. The party has been cursed with problems but has been reincarnated at various dive bars, clubs and warehouses. The past few have been held at RECCENTER studios and throughout the past year we have made plenty of new friends and we are proud to announce that we have used our talent pool to create our first single of our new summer mixtape featuring Antwon and Safe with production from FaTees. This is a summery jam that will get you excited for the upcoming months of sunshine.

Also made with the help of of the Sick, Sad World community we were able to produce the second Episode of Sad Banana that features RECCENTER engineer/studio manager Lucas Noah, Antwon, and DJ Bad Slorp. With camera work by Jessy Jamboree, Zach Romero and Mike Melero.

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