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Bicep – $tripper

Bicep, the fresh dj duo from Belfast, recently put out an awesome new 12″ called “$tripper.” The record contains the title track on the A side while the B side contains a sleazy boogie-disco edit by a mysterious “Unknown” artist. Anyway the record is must have for any record collection. You gotta love those 90’s Jersey house vibes on the late-nite tip….

Buy the Vinyl HERE.

Try it out HERE.

Check out some of Bicep’s edits below…

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gridlock’d – a mix by eloi

Almost been a year since our last blog transmission, and we’ve missed u. So let’s try and pick up where we left off by jumping right back into the swing of things. “gridlock’d” is my latest mix which aims to rouse the senses through infectious choice cuts. Lately my days have been full of repetitive daily commutes which act as both a test of my patience as well as a refuge for me to indulge my music listening addiction. So i put together this mix to nibble on during those times when a musical escape is needed. “gridlock’d” melts together numerous electronic genres like electro, deep house, Detroit techno, and microhouse to create a 30-minute ramble through electronic boogie.

You can also download the mix HERE.

Tracklist…can be found HERE.

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