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Who is Jesse Rice?

I don’t know but his tracks are sick. All we know is that it’s an SF based producer that brings the jams. ENJOY.

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Abel // Morning Transit ep

The wonder kid from San Jose works his magic again with his latest release the Morning Transit Ep. A perfect balance of blissful noises and beats to make the brisk morning ride to where ever your going more enjoyable, the kind of music that makes cold weather alright.

1. Dog Years
2. Free Birds
3. Skipping Puddles
4. But Why
5. So Hard To Stay Too Hard To Leave
6. Mr. Light Bright

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SpaceGhost // FSCK

And the tracks keep coming from Oakland resident Sudi Wachspress aka Spaceghost, his most recent 5 song ep seems fitting with the weather and vibe I’ve been getting with Oakland recently. Cold dark places with glimmers of optimism and hope. We are all waiting for the summer, blud. Keep the jams coming! Tired is the stand out track for me on this ep, it shows another musical side of Sudi that’s a bit more progressive than his other beats.

1. Drone
2. Dome Home
4. Feed Me
5. Tired

here’s a video with an apperance by SpaceGhost and I dj’n a party in Alameda we didn’t play the song that the video was edited to. haha….

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hooves tour 2011

My boys Hooves are embarking on another tour of the west. Pretty much my rock n’ roll bros from Phoenix, Arizona. Apparently they have created quite the reputation in Phoenix as crazy drunk lunitics, I always knew they had it in them. They also got band of the year or something like that in Phoenix aswell, siick! Try to make it out to one of their shows on this tour, they are filming a documentary about their crazy antics. So awesomeness will ensue.

I’m still looking for a place for them to play in the bay area, if you know a guy send me an email:

Here’s the list of dates…

February 24th – w/ Porches, and Roar @ Lost Leaf – 9 PM – Tour Kickoff – SEND US OFF

February 25th – Los Angeles, CA w/ Deaf La, Spero, High Kicks – 5 Star Bar – 9 PM – $5.

February 26th – Ventura, CA w/ Shakers – Billy O’s – 9 PM

February 27th – San Francisco, CA – TBD

February 28th – Arcata, CA w/ – Arcata Playhouse – 9 PM

March 1st – Eureka, CA w/ – Little Red Lion – 9 PM

March 2nd – Reno, NV w/ – Jubjubs – 9 PM

March 3rd – Las Vegas, NV w/ Dude City, Bare Wires – Bunkhouse – 10 PM

March 4th – First Friday Night Live, w/ FUCKING EXPLOSIONS AND SATAN – Firehouse – Phoenix, AZ

check out their tunes…

here’s a video of them at this thing I made them do at my school laast time they were in town…

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heRobust – Albumin Ep

After the V-day party on friday I found this treasure. My head was pounding and stomach churning and my weed induced high was levitated to the next level by these psychedelic beats, they’re as abstract as they are traditional. Can you dig it?

There will always be a place in my heart for the hip hop instrumental, heRobust’s contribution to that scene combines a great sense of soul with a splash of 21st century glitched out elements and rounds it out with some sweet full sounding synths. This ep is put out by Saturate Records from hamburg as their second release, the young label has some potential, for sure…vibeee!

1. Grief Case
2. Snail Gate
3. Triceratopless
4. Lumber Party
5. Hold On
6. Peanut Blubber
7. Dunce
8. Chewy Bakka
9. Shark Howard
10. Shawty Swing My Way (Busted)
11. Half Fool

Link: heRobust – Albumin Ep

Here’s an unrelated BONUS!

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LoveStruck: Valentines day dance party at GHOST TOWN

Djs from both sides of the bay bring you a Valentines day massacre on the dance floor. Come thru Friday Febuary 11th and kick off your V-Day weekend with us!

Playing jamz from all around the world with enough BASS to melt your box of chocolates. Plus some good ol’ Slow jams for you to bump and grind to.

Featuring djs

»» ♥ JAYSONIK (LeHeat)

»» ♥ PONYLOCO (loco’s only, hoodstock)

»» ♥ HANDSOME NETO (hoodstock, loco’s only)

»» ♥ FOOL’S PARADISE djs (BoozE-WaZi)

»» ♥ CHOCOLATE BLOOD (chocolateblood, zoology)

»»♥ HYDROPLANE (circutree records)

»» ♥ RnB millionaires (Oakland/Chicago)

»» ♥ Twin steps (members of summer blondes, religious girls)


Nothing says ‘i love you’ like a grimy-ass oakland warehouse dance party.
Save the last dance

Yo RSVP on facebook!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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technocolor – a mix by eloi

Since the Fool’s Paradise Radio Show has been put on hiatus, we’ve decided to start doing more mixes/podcasts for all to share amongst the blogosphere. And so i’ve been compiling and now here’s my latest mix, “technocolor”, which features some shiny otherworldy jams. Might be just what you need for those 4am trips to COOL WORLD, when you figure out how to astral project to FANTASTIC PLANET, or if you ever find yourself a guest of the Master Control Program. So please, dive into this pool of future jams and classic oddities…and don’t forget to tell your friends.

Download HERE!!!


Cyber People – Void Vision (Slow Version)
Discodeine – Singular
Mim Suleiman – Nyuli
Todd Terje – Eurodans
Hercules & the Love Affair – My House
Mirror People – Echo Life
Mock & Toof – Farewell to Wendo (Kink & Neville Watson Mix)
Tensnake – Coma Cat (Round Table Knights Remix)
Brant ft. Mr. Roper – Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (Ada Mix)
Mano Le Tough – Oblique (Chateau Flight Remix)
Visti & Meyland – Yes Maam [All Night Long] (Trentemøller Remix)
Nguzunguzu – El Bebe Ambiente
Spiral Beach – Teddy Black (Mix Chopin Remix)
Model 500 – Ocean to Ocean (Instrumental)
CFCF – Come Closer (Azari & III Remix)

and once again, muchas gracias to M. Stall for the cover art!!!

and just for kicks….

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