Lee Douglas – The Douglas Sound EP

Southern California label, Black Disco, have been putting out superb disco records since 2008. They release both new original and newly re-edited disco gems from such artists as Nitedog, Lovefingers, and Basso to name a few. For the “edit” releases they get different artists each time to put together a 12″ of freshly sliced and diced goodness. So far they have 9 volumes of the Black Disco edits….and this particular dee-lite by Lee Douglas is Volume 2. “Cum n’ Go” is a re-edit of The Freedom Machine “Jangada” which is a wonderful meeting of Spanish-style guitar strums and interstellar disco. As for the rest of the songs, see for yourself below….and by the way, “Hide n’ Seek” is a re-edit of Asha Puthli and “Fuego” is an edit of Misa Criolla’s song of the same name.


1. Cum n’ Go
2. Hide n’ Seek
3. Fuego

and here is the original “Fuego”

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2 thoughts on “Lee Douglas – The Douglas Sound EP

  1. SMP says:

    Hello, could you please re-up this? Thank you very much! Great posts!

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