Food Pyramid – I

You look dirty….why don’t you come and take a dip in this here synth wash pool. This nice gem of a record showed up in our inbox the other day from Minneapolis. The band is called Food Pyramid, and they play krautrock music and have just released their debut cassette on Moon Glyph records. The debut is called “I”, and they are already planning to follow it up with “II” and “III” (if that’s not Krautrock enough for you, then I don’t know what is). Food Pyramid manages to transport you to their home planet right off the bat with an amazing 18-minute concoction that is the “The Sundance Kid” by putting to use the perfect blend of cerebral melodies and classic Krautrock drum patterns. Throughout the record Food Pyramid manage to take you on a tour of their sound making abilities, switching gears between tracks but still maintaining otherworldly motif’s. Tracks like “Southside Blacktop Beat” get the robots dancing, while tracks like “Lesbian Seagull” prepare you for your digital bath.

Here….stop and take a gander:
“The Sundance Kid” (excerpt)

“Southside Blacktop Beat”

“Lesbian Seagull”

Click HERE to order the cassette.
And go to their MYSPACE for more tracks and videos.

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