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Fool’s Paradise WK 71

We decided to record this weeks show, I know its been a while, but we had guest from the Project Elefont art collective come thru and talk about their latest show. We had a surprise visit from the Mr. Cactus and a spoken word piece by Eduardo Valadez.

Be sure to tune into 104.1 fm Berkeley Liberation Radio to listen to us live Thursdays 8pm to 10 pm. You can also stream on the interweb at the BLR home page.

Link:Fool’s Paradise wk 71

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Forest Dream EP

Another project from the versatile Josh Wood, the Forest Dream EP features a more dark side of Josh’s production. A too much LSD walking in the TL on a rainy night type of feel. Off beat rhythms with chaotic noises sporadically tickling your auditory senses. Bump it with head phones after toking a blee you’ll be satisfied.

Check it out…

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Food Pyramid – I

You look dirty….why don’t you come and take a dip in this here synth wash pool. This nice gem of a record showed up in our inbox the other day from Minneapolis. The band is called Food Pyramid, and they play krautrock music and have just released their debut cassette on Moon Glyph records. The debut is called “I”, and they are already planning to follow it up with “II” and “III” (if that’s not Krautrock enough for you, then I don’t know what is). Food Pyramid manages to transport you to their home planet right off the bat with an amazing 18-minute concoction that is the “The Sundance Kid” by putting to use the perfect blend of cerebral melodies and classic Krautrock drum patterns. Throughout the record Food Pyramid manage to take you on a tour of their sound making abilities, switching gears between tracks but still maintaining otherworldly motif’s. Tracks like “Southside Blacktop Beat” get the robots dancing, while tracks like “Lesbian Seagull” prepare you for your digital bath.

Here….stop and take a gander:
“The Sundance Kid” (excerpt)

“Southside Blacktop Beat”

“Lesbian Seagull”

Click HERE to order the cassette.
And go to their MYSPACE for more tracks and videos.

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Stan Brakhage

Excerpt from “Make Place for the Artist” by Stan Brakhage

I am presenting it in writing for someone else’s future. Someone may someday realize that the living artist has the eyes of the age he lives in. They may understand that he makes his magic for the moment. Who knows? Here’s what to do:
Make place for the artist. Do it now. For you, as well as him, tomorrow is too late. Firs must come understanding, not of the work but of the worker. Give him the right conditions. Here are the conditions. This breed requires freedom. Cages kill him. Restrictions constrict. This animal is forever at war with his own limitations by nature. The rules others try to impose usually only baffle and, finally, either destroy or else disinherit him.
The artist must be given more than enough rope. He often hangs, himself for experience, however this creature has a tough neck, give him time! He is perhaps more aware of time than any other type of individual. He is an explorer of his own dualities. He embarks on as many adventures as there are in a day. These are the components of his witch brew.
It takes time, also, to stir up a magic potion. Information for opportunists – the best way to get something from an artist is to leave him alone. Contradiction is part of the honesty he exercises. It is impossible for any man to express without contradicting himself every other statement and be anything but a liar, unless he is playing a part. The artist play his part best apart…..Make place for the artist. He must never be used as a material. Those who try to hold fire either burn their hands or put the fire out.
This is a hair of a dog, given with love and expectation.

If you don’t know who Stan Brakhage is….you should. He was an American filmmaker who helped push 20th century Experimental Film to new heights. He made over a hundred films and went through so many different style periods, exploring a variety of formats, approaches and techniques that included handheld camerawork, painting directly onto celluloid, fast cutting, in-camera editing, scratching on film, and the use of multiple exposures. He also wrote many essays and letters on many topics such as art, mythology, music, poetry, war, birth, mortality, and sexuality, all of which are included in his film works as well. Definitely worth seeking out….his films are unlike anything you have ever seen.

Here is an excerpt from Brakhage Scrapbook: Collected Writings 1964-1980

To Manis Pinkwater: Day before Thanksgiving, ’64

An artist MUST act on dream instruction (day AND nigh dream structures conditioning all his being) for continuance of his art. Some have called this “inspiration,” some “the word of God,” some (more modernly) “sub-conscious feed-back” or what-you-call-it – there IS a process which governs the arts, necessities of each medium which discipline the artist’s living making it impossible for him to exist in an avoidance fo the right, the rite: and it is very encouraging, AND ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for the movement of works of art into the world at large (not to mention proper celebration of birthdays), that there be others who permit instruction, always dream structured, and act of their given sense of right, thus participate in the rite, in whatever way their form of living enables them. “Art for art’s sake” is a term imposed on the, otherwise, opening field of the arts BY a negligent or INdifferent society, a seige, as it were, which does force an, otherwise ever opening, field into becoming a fortress of “ivory towers,” etc., and/or (more modernly) a game preserve, wherein the forces of nature may play withIN strictly boundaries imposed by most unnatural game wardens, a place where natural forces are appreciated (as if one could applaud the universe) rather than experienced.

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Abel//Abell 1689

The wonder child from San Jose brings a more upbeat percussive approach for his latest offering, but not straying too far away from his blissful ambiance roots. Filters, reverb, and delay keep things hazy and out of body, while repetitive pounding drums keep you grounded, euphorically feeling the music.

Bubble Baths and Boogie Nights are the noticeable standout tracks, but seriously though Boogie Nights has been my about to light up a joint jam for the past few days. I’m not the only one feeling Abel’s music, his new mix is going to be featured on the Monday Jazz blog.

Bump this shit!

Link:Abell 1689

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SpaceGhost // P Y R A M I D D R E A M S

Our homie SpaceGhost put out his new album up for download a few Thursday’s ago and topped off the fun by playing a Dj set on Fool’s Paradise. It’s great watching this guy rock his set. The young’n put out a solid collection of songs to astral travel with. After a few bowl loads you will experience the hypnotic tendencies with SpaceGhost’s music and lose yourself  in some Pyramid dreams.

Should of posted this up a while ago but late is better then never.

Bump this shit.

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Jaysonic is one to watch

Originally published by Oakland Local

In an era where pretty much everyone has a computer equipped with digital
music programs like Fruity Loops or Garage Band, it’s refreshing to hear
electronic music made with analog drum machines and synthesizers.

Oakland resident Jason Stinnett, aka Jaysonic, takes that approach to the
next level by using vintage gear combined with the newest electronic
instruments to create his own unique sound. Jaysonic doubles as producer
for Oakland-based electro outfit Hottub and is resident DJ for the first
Friday dance party Le Heat.

This week’s featured track is the LLEGGS Theme by Jaysonic. It features a
thick old-school sounding drum groove, with a crunchy bassline and
slick melodic pads to even it out. Towards the end of the song, it gets a
little dark and experimental, but the repetitive drums keep it hype and up

This is a jam that the robots of the future will call a classic and the people of today will just brush off, but we aren’t sleeping on this track, we’re dancing.

This Saturday, Oct. 16,  Jaysonic will be spinning electro and disco grooves for Booze-Wazi – a new, monthly audio visual art party at Radio Bar. Come through and listen to the jams that Jaysonic will be bumping through the sound system.

Here’s a bonus …

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Further Reductions – Decidedly So 7inch

I don’t know how they do it, but that damn Captured Tracks label ceases to amaze me with the quality of their ever-expanding band roster And they didn’t have to go far to seek out Further Reductions, seeing as how both the label and the band are based in Brooklyn, NY. And yes, Further Reductions do follow a similar formula to a lot of their fellow labelmates….basically an 80’s wave (new-, cold-, dark-, etc.) revival. And Further Reductions don’t hide behind the lo-fi curtain which sets them apart from most of the Captured Tracks crew. For when you’re in that Dark Dream Pop mood…


1. Decidedly So
2. Not Unknown

I’m sure they listen to Dark Dream Pop in Taxandria

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Black Orpheus Soundtrack

I must say…This is quite possibly the GREATEST soundtrack ever created! In 1959, French director Marcel Camus delighted the world with Black Orpheus, which is based on the play Orfeu da Conceição by Vinicius de Moraes, which is an adaptation of the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice. Camus put a modern twist on the myth by setting the film in Rio De Janeiro during Carnaval, and by letting the great Brazilian composers’ Antônio Carlos Jobim and Luiz Bonfá craft this masterpiece of a soundtrack. The film is pretty much….magic. The imagery, the characters, and the music all radiate harmonious vibes. Orfeu even makes the sun rise when he plays his guitar…that’s what the kids say


1. Generique
2. A Felicidade
3. Frevo
4. O Nosso Amor
5. O Nosso Amor
6. Manha De Carnaval
7. Scene Du Lever Du Soleil
8. Manha De Carnaval
9. Scenes De La Macumba
10. O Nosso Amor
11. Manha De Carnaval
12. Samba De Orfeo
13. Batterie De Cappela
14. Bola Sete Medley: Manha De Carnaval/A Felicidade/Samba De Orfeo

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Fool’s Paradise Radio w/ guest Black Diamonds Shining

It’s been a while since we’ve uploaded a Fool’s Paradise podcast…we stopped recording after the computer was replaced because every time we recorded it mad this weird clipping noise, almost as if there is a gate on it.

But this week we had a special guest from BDS Ras Terms, Dead Eyes, and Safety First on the show so we decided to record it. They came thru and chatted it up with us, we touched on opening our minds, legalizing weed, art’s role in the community, and up coming events.

Of course we had the usual variety of dope tunes, Eloi even brought some of his vinyl selection to spice things up…


Sorry for the LoFi gritty-ness of this recording and the clipping noise… it’s PIRATE RADIO! Shortwave transmissions..

you can stream it by clicking…


leave a comment if you want the download link.

Here are some pieces by the artist……..!

Here is a video of Ras Terms…
Safety First

purchase something..

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