Into the Woods

A while back I posted some music by Josh Woods, a musical project called Ears in the Wall.(it’s some good stuff and I highly recommend you check it out.) He has a new musical project with Austin Wood and it’s out there somewhere between lofi, house, noise, idm, techno, and experimental music.

Their first release is pretty much crazy as fuuuuck. It’s like a nightmare sequence during a kids movie, dark yet euphoric. The dance/electronic grooves keep the tracks moving while the noisy more experimental aspects of the songs put it in it’s own category of dopeness.

Their second track entitled Haunted Forest Dance is more of a straight ahead techno jam. It has elements of noise/ambient music and a little bit of minimal techno glimmers but it’s a four on the floor dance party starter. That’s all you need to know!

The dudes might make an appearance on Fool’s Paradise Radio soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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