Tarnac 9 & the coming insurrection

The Tarnac 9 are the organization that wrote The Coming Insurrection. A ground breaking book on you guessed it…the coming insurrection!

They are a seemingly mellow group who moved to a small village in France to live frugally, who fostered community and shunned capitalism as an AdBusters article stated. 300+ young people moved from an upper middle class lifestyle to the poor village of Tarnac, in hopes to get a way from a capitalist, socially unjust world.

The group lived a simple life and collectively ran a mobile delivery service, a restaurant, a cinema club and an informal library. They spent time creating community and worked on changing the world on a local level.

After their book was published and translated to over 30 languages they have become a target for the conservative right figures like Glen Beck and also the capitalist institution as a whole. They where charged with terrorism for their extreme views.

Here is what Wikipedia had to say about their book:

The book is divided into two parts. The first attempts a complete diagnosis of the totality of modern capitalist civilization, moving through what the Invisible Committee identify as the “seven circles” of alienation: “self, social relations, work, the economy, urbanity, the environment, and to close civilization”.[2] The latter part of the book begins to offer a prescription for revolutionary struggle based on the formation of communes, or affinity group-style units, in an underground network that will build its forces outside of mainstream politics, and attack in moments of crisis – political, social, environmental – to push towards anti-capitalist revolution. The insurrection envisioned by the Invisible Committee will revolve around “the local appropriation of power by the people, of the physical blocking of the economy and of the annihilation of police forces”.[3]

The book points to the late 2000s financial crisis, and environmental degradation as symptoms of capitalism’s decline. Also discussed are the Argentine economic crisis (1999-2002) and the piquetero movement which emerged from it, the 2005 riots and 2006 student protests in France, the 2006 Oaxaca protests and the grassroots relief work in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina as examples of breakdown in the modern social order which can give rise to partial insurrectionary situations.

You can read the text in it’s entirety here, please spread the word.

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