Teams – We Have A Room With Everything

Teams is some dude from Knoxville, TN named Sean Bowie who makes some exquisite dream-like beat manifestations. His Catch Pool EP from earlier this year was one of the freshest listens i’ve had in a while. The songs are in their own realm. And this release “We Have a Room With Everything” is a sort-of compilation of both new and old concoctions by Teams. Sort of chillwavey(damn, i wish any term other than “chillwave” would have stuck) and kinda like indie dub techno. Muy bueno….


1. Nude Tilt
2. Better (In This Way)
3. Airworks
4. Confetti
5. Sunbells
6. We Have A Room With Everything 03:07

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One thought on “Teams – We Have A Room With Everything

  1. drew wix says:

    OK. I like it, but sounds like everything else in the verbed out lo-fi genre… maybe if i was on heroin and laying in a pile of feathers rolling down a snowy hill I could vibe more.

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