Milano New Wave 1980-83

Lesson to all you vinyl junkies: If you see a record you want at the record store….BUY IT!!!

Don’t ever think “Hmmm, I’ll just hide it and come back for it later”…because chances that shiny record will be a goner. I found I copy of this sweet Milano Wave compilation on vinyl (only 300 made on vinyl) at Amoeba the other day and I figured I’d hide that baby in the Classical section behind good ol’ Franz Liszt until I had more cash on me. Two Days later, Milano New Wave LP no more. Lesson Learned. All of the songs from the CD compilation didn’t even make it to the LP, but nevertheless the LP has a lot of the highlights. Anyhow this CD comp version has 20 tracks of early New Wave obscurities. It is a glimpse into the 80’s Milan’s new wave scene, yet all of the “-wave” type genres are actually in attendence here…Minimal-Dark-Cold-New Wave. And since we know you were infatuated with that Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes post we put up way back when…we know you’ll savor this gold.

Link: MILANO NEW WAVE 1980-83

1. Other Side – The Taste of the Fables
2. Other Side – Central
3. Other Side – Praise
4. Other Side – December, Fragment
5. Other Side – Contrition
6. State Of Art – Downtown
7. State Of Art – Dantzig Station
8. State Of Art – Venice
9. State Of Art – At Night
10. State Of Art – Show Me
11. La Maison – Igloo
12. La Maison – Critical Situation
13. La Maison – Mercedes
14. La Maison – Jet Two
15. La Maison – Narciso
16. Jeunesse D’Ivoire – A Gift of Tears
17. Jeunesse D’Ivoire – Silent Imagery
18. Jeunesse D’Ivoire – Scenery
19. Jeunesse D’Ivoire – Praise
20. Jeunesse D’Ivoire – Moon

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One thought on “Milano New Wave 1980-83

  1. arshia says:

    There’s one copy at the amoeba lo sangeles store still on lp as of october 3. Call and put it it on hold!

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