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eat real: a thizz.face.disco mix

What’s up, Comrade? Eloi and I dj’d at the Eat Real Fest after party this Friday and tried to get the 40 people who were there hype as fuck. Eloi spun some synth pop greatness and cumbia jams to get the bar crowd warmed up. I followed up with a variation of this mix I’m sharing with you now.

Here’s the tracklist:

Hotel Mexico – It’s Twinkle
Feast Of Violet – Notations
Catamaran – Pastels
Kris Menace & Fred Falke – Enamoured
Tetine – A Historia Da Garca
Protect U – Double Rainbow
Enjoyed – Fabulous to Feed
Prism Pane – In the Cave
Eliot Lipp – Golden Eye
Free the Robots – Orion’s Belt Buckle
James Pants – Drift Wood
Blondes – Spanish Fly (Brenmar RMX)
Au Revoir Simone – Another Likely Story (Neon Indian RMX)
Mike Monday – Your Body (Tim Sheridan RMX)
Chocolate Girl – Bless Me
Bloom – Love Phaze
Deradoorian – You Cary the Deed
Chateau Marmont – Mono Drama (Gavin Russom RMX)
Four Tet – Sing

Download it and let me know what you think.


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Eat Real Fest Afterparty

Sorry for the lack of post as of late, Eloi and I are getting acclimated to our new residencies and trying to get back into the groove of things. We will be back with more post soon. On a side note we are DJ’n an after-party for the Eat Real Fest, so come thru and get your dance on.

Here’s the info:

The PaperAirplane Magazine posse is throwing an Eat Real fest after-party, which doubles as a fundraiser to help us get the $$$ we need to get off the ground and take flight!

You already know we’re trying to put the Oakland Art community on the map by displaying works by all the local greats and not to mention the ones on the rise.

Come thru to Merchants’ Saloon Friday the 27th after you get your grub on …at the Eat Real Fest!

$5 at the door
door opens up at 6:00 pm

We will be featuring:

MoMMaP a Film written and directed by John Aquadro

Sexploitation films from the 60’s

twisted raffle prizes

Movie Pack: one of three movies (labyrinth, animal house, crocodile
…dundee), cool retro popcorn container, popcorn, and candy.

Wine Pack: two nice wine glasses, vintage cocktail party cards, and a bottle of wine.

Smoky Pack: vintage nautical glass ashtray, box of adorned matches, and fancy cigs.

T-shirt Pack: one says “I toxic waste” the other says ” it’s not easy being easy” (pretty funny!)

Bake Pack: vintage pyrex bowl, wooden spoon, ghirardelli brownie mix.

Beer Pack: rad beer mug, beer nuts, nice bottle of beer.

Star Wars Pack: star wars the movie, action photo of the cast framed and in pristine condition.


Fatees (GurpCity, MegaKut Records)
Bobby Peru (Fool’s Paradise Radio,
Eloi (Fool’s Paradise Radio,
Johnny5 (RUKKUZ MUZIK/Irie Cartel)

Live Painting:

Meredith Stall

more tba~!

tell your friends lets get this cracklin!

RSVP on Facebook!

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Spaceghost // Ghostly EP

Oakland local Spaceghost recently put out a three song ep entitled Ghostly. The feeling you get when you hear these songs is somewhere between divine and supernatural, pretty much ghostly.

The rmx of Abel’s track Swimming through the Vibe combines the ambient soundscapes and field recordings that Abel is great at with the synth melodies and the interplanetary beats that Sudi is known for.

When you mash up Atlas Sound and Caribou there is really no way you can go wrong.

But by far, my favorite out of the three track is the Beach House cover, I spent countless hours listening to this song or hearing it coming from the room down the hallway, I’ve come to recognize it enjoy all the subtleties of the track. Now that It is recreated with different sounds and ambiance added, it gives it a new life.

Link: Ghostly EP

Follow him on Twitter.

Listen to the Beach House cover on HypeMachine.

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SLEEP ∞ OVER – Outer Limits 7″

So this Witch House genre has been been taking the blogosphere by storm. Personally, i am all for this 2010 revival of “darkwave” and “dream pop”. And this here is the Outer Limits 7″ (YES, that is the cover art) which features two great cuts by the Austin, Tx trio SLEEP ∞ OVER, which is Christa Palazzolo, Stefanie Franciotti and Sarah Brown. They formed last year and have only released a few EP’s and splits. They plan to have a full LP out by the end of the year. “La Rose” has got insanely rich keyboard melodies that float between on-off key in harmonious ways similar to My Bloody Valentine. And “Outer Limits” has more of this 80’s dream pop ballad feel to it, with heaps of flange and chorus. Music for floating…


1. La Rose
2. Outer Limits

here’s what you’re in for….

and for your next sleepover…

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