Candy Claws – Hidden Lands

Listening to Candy Claws is like swimming in sort of a Dream Pop fantasy pond. Their music has a very cinematic quality to it that kind of calls for an individual listening experience, which is definitely not a bad thing, but just so you can let your mind grapes drift into the hands of Candy Claws. “Hidden Lands” is the second full length from the band who are based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. And it’s a wonderful follow-up their previous album “In the Dream of Sealife” which was another reverberated wish-wash of melodies. This time, the songs sound more constructed and polished, but still have that Candy Claws sound that makes them memorable.


In The Deep Time
Sunbeam Show
Warm Forest Floor
On The Bridge
The Breathing Fire
Silent Time Of Earth
Miracle Spring
Sun Arrow
A Strange Land Discovered

Candy Claws are also on tour right now….West Coast dates below
July 29 at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz
July 30 at Spaceland in Los Angeles
Sept. 5 at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco
Sept. 9 at the Vera Project in Seattle
Sept. 10 at Backspace in Portland
For a full list of dates go to their MYSPACE page.

No new videos yet, so here is one for “Catamaran” which is on their 1st album

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