Lee Hazlewood – Cowboy in Sweden

This is Lee Hazlewood, the man with the mega baritone voice, at his very best. For this album in particular he picked up shop and stumble-bummed it to Sweden and met film director Torbjrn Axelman who he collaborated on this album/film with. The duo created one of the most magical pop records of all time, exposing the world to Cowboy Psychedelia. Nina Lizell and Suzi Jane Hokom help out with harmonious vocals throughout the album giving it the perfect balance. Full of “cowboy rambles, rockabilly rhythms and symphonic pop”, Cowboy in Sweden is loaded with gems. Ramble on…


1. Pray Them Bars Away
2. Leather and Lace (with Nina Lizell)
3. Cold Hard World
4. Forget Marie
5. The Night Before
6. Hey Cowboy (with Nina Lizell)
7. No Train To Stockholm
8. For A Day Like Today (Suzi Jane Hokom)
9. Easy & Me
10. What’s More I Don’t Need Her
11. Vem Kan Segla (with Nina Lizell)

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One thought on “Lee Hazlewood – Cowboy in Sweden

  1. luckyturquoise says:

    For one moment we all had him. He is sooooo missed

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