Lee Dorsey – Ride Your Pony

Classic. Prizefighting boxer turned Soul/R&B superstar Lee Dorsey‘s second album “Ride Your Pony” that surfaced in 1966 captures the the soul of the 60’s New Orleans sound. Sun drenched R&B, with the amazing instrumentation of The Meters backing up Dorsey on this record. It’s fun, funky, and it shakes you up. This combo was a hit-makin machine during their time together creating odes to lovers, break-ups, cars, and strippers. Everything is in its right place….including wobbly piano, fresh vocal harmonies, horn stabs, and chicken scratch guitars. Essential.


Ride Your Pony
The Kitty Cat Song
Shortnin’ Bread
So Long
People, I Wish You Could See
Work, Work, Work
Get Out Of My Life Woman
Here Comes The Hurt Again
Hello Mamma
Can You Hear Me? (Edit)
The Greatest Love
I Can’t Get Away
Go-Go Girl
I Can Hear You Callin’
My Old Car
Love Lots Of Lovin’ (With Betty Harris)
Take Care Of Our Love (With Betty Harris)
Vista, Vista
Wonder Woman
Four Corners (Part 1)
Four Corners (Part 2)

Peep a live version of Ride Your Pony below…

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